21 March 2014


Summer is a season which drains our energy completely. More sweat, more dust, tiredness, dehydration… the challenges are not less. In such a season we desire for some unique, preferably sweet liquids, to restore our energy, as appetite is slightly on the lower side in this season. One such thing we adore in summer is Kokam.

Kokam is popularly called as vrukshamla in Ayurveda. It is a fruit which mostly grows more in coastal areas of south western India. The interesting fact is, it is used widely in both cooking and in medicinal preparations. Fruit is the most widely used part. Sour in taste mostly. Here are some of very interesting day to day uses of kokam to keep yourself hydrated.
1. Kokam helps combat hyper-acidity. In related acidity conditions, where tamarind isn’t recommended much, we can regularly use kokam in everyday cooking as a supplement to tamarind. It gives great taste too.
2. Kokam relieves constipation. Intake of dried fruit peels at night, after supper, can help keep your bowels clean.
3. Cold juices/squash of kokam helps greatly in maintaining proper hydration. Ready-made squashes are available in plenty in market. It is very popular as refreshing and energizing drink.
4. Externally too, kokam has great roles to play.” Kokam butter” which is widely
available in the market helps in various skin problems like dry skin, cracked heels etc. it has great nourishing and healing propereties on the skin.
5. Again, owing to its healing and soothing properties, kokam cold infusion can be applied externally in conditions like allergic skin rashes, urticaria etc.

Some cautions to keep in mind, while taking kokam are,
1. Don’t do over intake of kokam, as when taken in over doses, it can cause various unwanted effects like digestion issues.
2. As kokam is sour in taste, it should not be taken along with or soon after consumption of intake of milk and milk products. This is because, as per Ayurveda, dairy products are contradicted to be taken along with sour food. There must be a considerable gap
between the both.
3. Any medicine/Ayurvedic formulation of kokam must not be taken without the
consultation of an Ayurvedic physician.
So, kokam, basically is well-known for its unique tatse and flavor and can be of great use, especially in summer. Lets make these natural kitchen ingredients popular, as these remedies can be easily made in the comfort of your home and has minimum to no side effects when consumed in low doses.
Happy shinny summer to all my readers!!!!
Stay tuned to m.y articles for more useful kitchen remedies!!!!!

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