18 May 2017


Health is a topic of concern with growing number of diseases around us …. Good health or bad health is almost directly related to our lifestyle, may it be food or daily routines….

Ayurveda believes that,” your food is your medicine”. In short, eat right=stay fit.

This short write-up is an introduction to the upcoming series of blogs on how we can stay fit and healthy, without spending a fortune on it ….

Following simple tips combined with a happy mind may be a boon for us to lead a healthier life. Let us have a quick look on the basic rules of food ,

√ Our ancient scholars and master minds have rightly said, “atihi sarvatra varjayet” . It means overdoing anything would not be good. It is such an apt message which can be adopted for our food habits…. It gives a clue to limit things (even when a particular food is apparently good for health) .

√ Go natural …… Natural foods here rightly means, food which are native to you and is grown in the right season ( implies for seasonal food)

√ let your food include and tastes in it . In Ayurveda it’s rightly said, a meal must include and the 6 basic tastes …. Which are sweet,sourness, salty taste, pungent/spice, bitter and astringent tastes. An Indian meal traditionally cooked would usually fulfill this criteria…..

√ Avoid chemically processed and packed food as far as possible. Remember- afresh food is far more healthier than a packed food with loads of preservatives and salts…. These would apparently harm your kidneys and liver …

√ Maintaining the meal timings is very much essential …. Don’t let your busy schedules overpower the food timings. This would disturb your circadian rhythm … Health is first: all next.

√ Due respect and concentration over the food which we are consuming is another important criteria of healthy eating practices…. Gulping down food with no proper concentration on it would affect the digestion and absorption…. Feel the smell, taste, flavor,texture of your food and enjoy the food. Please chew the food well …

These may be the information you are already aware of. But reading it again makes you realise better. Small changes like these may make a big difference in life..

New bogs coming your way …… Happy time…. Stay healthy .. ..

Dr.sowmya….. ( B.A.M.S., M.D. in ayurveda, M.B.A. )

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  1. Pradeep Ek

    Informative article
    Please add wholesome and unwholesome food according to prakruthi and vikruthi
    Thank you

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