08 November 2018

Let us pledge to live a healthy life ….

Nature is beyond words. It has fantastic things to offer . Living close to nature would be even more amazing. I was recently wondering about how human beings have drifted from being natural to artificial . Right from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night , everything is artificial. Be it alone your toothpaste to your hand wash or the mosquito repellants , cosmetics, may it be the food we consume. Have we ever given it a thought that what effects would each have on our health . Have we ever tried to relate the increasing number of sufferings and diseases to our lifestyle . Advent and revolutions in the field of medicine have undoubtedly made better survival rates and pushed our lifespans further. But what does it take to live without have gone to a hospital ?
The common mistakes we make in our day to day lives can lead to many hazardous health issues, may it be cancer or Alzheimer’s or any condition which we see is on a rise these days . The only answer to prevent such conditions may be natural living . As in –
1} The first thing we use in the morning is a toothbrush and toothpaste . Let’s try to explore what are the better alternatives to harmful toothpastes .
2} Gargling .. what are the views of Ayurveda about the benefits of gargling ? Let’s find out the best natural ingredients to gargle .
3} What is the best thing to drink as the first thing in the morning ? We either drink tea/coffee, green tea or just plain water . Let’s learn which among these are the best options.
4} Toiletries …. How safe are our bathsoaps or shampoos and conditioners ? Or may it be any other personal care products. We need to be aware which are the harmful ingredients in it and how to reduce them.
5} kajal ( called collyrium/ anjana) – is one the most common cosmetic we use everyday. But do we really know the medicinal properties and uses of it …!!! Well, if prepared in a traditional way without harmful chemicals, it may benefit our eyes and vision tremendously. Time to explore a little about it .
6} Oil massaging to the body has come deep rooted in our traditions. What are the actual benefits of the same will leave us amused. On the contrary there are conditions where oil massaging is not advised too. Important to know all of this right ?
7} All of us are keen on exercising and staying fit but without exactly knowing what are best times to perform exercise , how much to exercise and most importantly when not to exercise. Shedding light on this is quiet important .
8} Many people claim these days that detoxification is a myth. Well, Ayurveda disagrees. Authentic detoxification is not a myth. Cleansing the body through authentic panchakarmas is real. Let us know some important aspects of it.
There are many many such concepts in Ayurveda which actually we see work. Knowing these are so important. The upcoming blogs by me will take up these issues one by one. Please follow my page for such interesting facts and make an attempt to live healthy and happy. After all, prevention is better than cure.
See you u all in the next blog. Stay tuned.


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