18 January 2019

Want to know about hair care? Here are few easy tips ..

Well, it has been a long time we have spoken anything about self-care by means of Ayurveda. Why don’t we speak upon the most discussed topic ? A general problem faced by majority of the humankind irrespective of age and sex. It’s the questions regarding genuine hair care. Most of the population suffer from hair or scalp related problems like say, early greying of hair, excassive hair falls or may it be dandruff or so on. This write-up would be about the “general” guidelines about the same.

1. Protection of hair- Just like a lawn dries up due to constant exposure to scorching sunrays and excessive wind, the same way, the scalp and hair routes which provides nutrition to hair dries up due to regular exposure to heat, pollution etc. Hence it gets quiet important to protect our hair roots and scalp with a scarf or any alternative.

2. Both the scalp and hair needs to be kept cool , as, the hair strands might get dry with excess exposure to heat. So, why don’t you try having a shower with warm water ( atleast in hot weathers) and a cool rinse? This would efficiently help in refreshing hair, scalp and also the nervous system.

3. Quality of the soil plays a major role in the sustainability of the grass. Similarly, a balanced diet helps in nourishing our hair too. Food rich with protein, biotin , iron, zinc, vitamin E, etc, help extensively in good quality hair growth.

4. Often, tensions in the scalp or fat deposits might reduce the blood circulation in the area, which might result in hampered hair health. The best solution to this is the “head massage” which gives best results when done with medicated herbal oils.

For optimum results, better to heat the oil a little ( using double boiler method) and then massage the entire scalp and whole hair , gently but formly, upto it’s tip. Repeat atleast twice a week for wonderful results. These kind of hair massages aren’t just good for the hair but also has a relaxing effect and imparts good sleep. It works as a good pre-wash conditioner and reduces dryness of hair.

5. Avoiding unnecessary use of hair curlers, blow dryers, chemical loaded hair Colors can be a best bet in protecting hair from damage.

These tips are very few among the vast ocean of scope ayurveda has in hair care. Hope these can be implemented by us at the earliest. Will be discussing some shampoo, conditioners and hair oil recipes which are safe and natural in coming days. Don’t forget to drop a feedback if u liked the article.

Stay tuned…. And have a great day ahead.

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