21 January 2019

The most intellectual species on earth- Homo sapiens… Really ???

Hey there… The topic im gonna talk about today may be isn’t related exactly to ayurveda or health. It’s about the harmony and health of Earth’s equilibrium …

Just saw a video on one of the social medias. It showed a “delicacy” served in one of the restaurants – a squid … A live squid. Its head had been chopped off mercilessly and served in a bowl. This wasn’t enough for satisfying a sadist being. A salt based solution was sprayed on it which triggered it’s nerves and the muscles twitched. This was proudly described as a “dancing squid”.

“dancing squid”

Now this why a human being is called the most intelligent species on earth . What makes us more distinct than the other species ? Lack of empathy , greed or cruelty?

Every creature contributes to the well-being of the large home we dwell in. Right from a tiny earthworm which helps improve the fertility of soil upto a large whale which ensures the maintenance of food chain in our oceans- all beings have a role to play. Give me exactly one reason how have we,as, intelligent animals contributed . The only thing we have done is over-exploitation of the resources, gifting huge landfills- filled with polythenes and non biodegradable filth, to the earth.

We seem to have forgotten the basic needs which are required for our existence. We are no more in touch with the nature. We don’t know to grow our own food and even worse we are no more cooking for our food. Are we got so busy that we have forgotten the basic necessities of existence?

With grace of our intelligence we are making our planet not worth living. Water is not worth consuming , the air is not worth breathing. Nothing is left pure and original.

The good news is, we still have time to think and realise our individual responsibilities towards our home. Let’s stop wars, let’s stop the pollution, let’s make the planet greener, let’s be empathetic towards the animals, let’s preserve the endangered birds,animals and plants.

There was a famous quotation I had heard long ago, ” when the last tree is cut, when the last river is poisoned and when the last fish is caught, only then we will realise that we cannot eat money”.

Let all of us join hands to make a change. Have a great day.

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