01 February 2019


We cant deny the fact that digital devices are part and parcel of our daily routine either because our profession demands it or because of entertainment, educational purposes. Along with agreeing with the benefits of these devices, we also need to acknowledge the ill effects they cause to us. One of such ill effects is computer vision syndrome.

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is the new nomenclature to visual, ocular and systemic symptoms arising due to long time exposure to the digital screen, may it be mobile phones or laptops or anything else. It is emerging as a pandemic in the 21st century. Working adults are not the only victims for CVS, kids are too. Long time staring at mobile phones etc..are causing eye and vision problems among the kids.

Among all, dryness of eyes is the common issue, which is not such a serious issue if it is managed at the right time or at the earlier stage itself. CVS also get worse the longer you
continue the activity. In many cases the symptoms appear after several hours of work and not immediately.

Causes of Computer vision syndrome

● Distance from the computer screen- if you hold your screen very close to your eyes).

● Angle and seating in front of the computer ( if we look into the screen from a different angle for long periods).

● Glare from the monitor (mostly due to more brighter screens).

● Reduced blinking of eyes.

● Increased tear evaporation.

The symptoms occurs when the person’s comfortable stage for using the computer exceeds, like, in people who spent 8-9 hours or more in front of the everyday.

How do u detect that you are suffering from a syndrome?

● Eye strain/pain in the eyes.

● Head ache

● Blurred vision

● Difficulty in changing focuses between far and nearer objects.

● Dryness of eyes.

● Irritated eyes.

● Redness of eyes etc.

So, how do we manage this ?

Ayurveda has answers to these issues. Ayurveda rightly recommend certains rejuvinatory treatments to soothen eyes.

Eye wash (Prakshalana): Eyewashes are very good for eye irritation, burning eyes and eye weakness. Triphala (a combination of 3 herbs) is very good for these conditions.

Netra Tarpana: Being an exclusive treatment mentioned in Ayurvedic texts, acts as both preventive & curative therapy. It is a procedure where the lukewarm medicated oil or ghee is made to stay stagnant in the eyes for a speculated time in a specific formed frame.

Abhyanga: Also called as massage of eyes. Suppress the Vata Dosha confined to eye. Local Abhyanga over the eyes gives cooling effect ,relaxes the eye from strain and also strengthens the muscles of the eyes.

Aschyotana: Instillation of drops of medicines to the open eye is called as Aschyotana. The medicine thus comes in contact with tear and due to blinking of eyelids the drugs get mixed with tear and due to hydrophilic nature of conjunctiva the drugs get directly absorbed through
conjunctival sac.

Rest breaks: For reducing eye strain, try to rest your eyes when using the computer for long periods. Rest your eyes for 15 minutes after two hours of continuous computer use. Also, for
every 20 minutes of computer viewing, look into the distance for 20 seconds to allow your eyes a chance to refocus.

Blinking: To reduce the chance of dry eye, when using a computer, make an effort to blink frequently. It can help your eyes moisten and thus reducing dryness. Dry eyes occur due to decreased production of fluids from tear glands, which prevent tears from performing their functions and affect vision. When eyes become dry, they may lead to eye irritation etc. As the exposure to computer increases, the severity of symptoms also increases.

By the above treatment modalities, it can be said that CVS can be well managed with treatment.

With the advancement of new technologies, occupational challenges, environment etc. has led to the manifestation of new disorders as Computer vision syndrome. Ayurveda is an effective solution to treat several eye problems, including cataract, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome etc
Happy time…

Dr Swathi A. C. ,

Sri Sri college of ayurvedic science,

Bengaluru .


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