25 February 2019

Home remedies and Ayurveda – our own doctor kit in kitchen

Few generations ago, going to a doctor for simple ailments seemed a little rare. Most of the small health issues would be easily solved in the super kitchens using day to day ingredients.

At present these kind of sure shot remedies are on a clear decline amidst of changing times. Now the trend is to rush to a doctor immediately and this also involves consulting a “Google doctor”, which is sometimes quiet dangerous too.

So, here I was just wondering if I can come up with a series of articles, one on each ingredient. There are numerous drugs in our kitchen which have amazing properties to heal us. To name a few of them, let’s say, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, honey, ghee, butter, Curry leaves, tamarind, ajwain, coriander seeds, Hing (asafoetida), onion, garlic …. I can keep naming them, the list is endless.  They have too many curing and healing properties.

Easy to make , less time consuming recipes of easily available Ingredients can prove magical beneficial at times.

These remedies can also make us realise that food is something beyond just calories or vitamins, fat,carbohydrates, minerals etc . Food and the ingredients which go into it has a property of nourishing our body and mind.

Being your own doctor for simple conditions gives you confidence in yourself and you can take care of your near ones better.

Let’s take a trip to this healing, assuring world in the coming articles.

So stay tuned to my website and follow it for more useful articles.

Happy healthy time.



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