01 March 2019

Protective measures to preserve voice with subject reference to Singer’s nodules

Some professions demand active functioning of one or multiple entity of our body. This increases the necessity to pamper that particular entity. For instance an athlete should take special measures to strengthen joints and muscles periodically. On the same lines, a singer who ignores periodic caressing of the vocal cords may land up in complications – one of them being “Vocal nodules/ Singer’s nodules or teacher’s nodules”. So how do we identify the wrong changes in our voice?

Its symptoms include –
1. Hoarseness or scratchy voice.
2. ‘Lump in the throat’ feeling.
3. Shooting pain from ear to ear.
4. Neck pain.
5. Reduced voice range.
6. General tiredness.

On endoscopy, nodules are observed to be symmetric, broad-based masses at the mid- point of both vocal folds.
This condition caused due to over stressing of the voice box can be prevented in two levels.

The first stage advocates things which are not supposed to be done, and the second stage focuses on the strengthening the vocal cord and surrounding areas.

Stage – I of protection of chords/prevention of damage

1) Avoiding singing/loud talk just after drinking something or after having a meal.

2) Having the habit of singing for a prolonged period of time without sufficient rest in between.
3) Ignoring recurrent episodes of cough and not taking proper curative treatment towards the same.
4) Frequent instances of trying to manipulate voice for various purposes.
5) Consumption of unripened wood-apple (Fernonia elephantum).
6) Excessive intake of Jamun fruit.

Stage – II – Strengthening/Relaxing the structures-

1) Oil-pulling as a part of daily regimen of atleast twice a day. This is a method where oil is swished in the mouth for around 20 minutes. We should make sure that we don’t
swallow any of the oil.
2) Habit of oiling the head– this is a routine which most of the people these days neglect, but Infact has very good health benefits.
3) Hot water– drinking sips of hot water frequently throughout the day. This small change in your routine not only keeps your voice clear but also has very good effects on your digestion.
4) Regular sittings of nasal oil instillation- famously called as “pratimarsha nasya”.
This is not only good for your voice, but also very good for your hair health and many
other aspects.
5) Medicated planned systemised smoke-inhalation through the nose (Dhuma-nasya), in limited quantity. Overdoing this procedure can worsen the condition. So better perform this under a trained doctor.
6) Including raisins, ghee and milk as a part of daily diet.

Apart from above mentioned do’s and don’ts maintaining proper functioning of the digestive
apparatus is critical for the health of vocal cords and production of voice.
These changes are simple to be followed when adopted into daily regimen. Afterall, priorities
matter ….

Happy time!!!!!!!

Dr. Divya virupaksha

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