30 May 2019

Stay Healthy This Monsoon….

When south western monsoon hits the land, the sapphire sky gets attacked by the dark clouds and rainbows and earth gets her blanket of green grasses. But health would take a toll and makes the people sing- “Rain, rain go away, little Johnny wants to play.” Johnny or Jassi, same story in every house- Kids don’t listen. But definitely you can listen to Ayurveda to keep your family strong and healthy this monsoon.
Monsoon is the time when Vata gets aggravated and hence anything that would lead to more aggravation of vata should be avoided. Do not indulge in fasting, over exertion, night outs and sleeping during the day.
Consume warm food. Oats, barley, whole wheat, brown rice are some of the foods you can resort to. Make soup of dals and vegetables and spice it up with ginger, pepper etc. Drink green tea/ Tulsi tea. Avoid Ragi and consume honey.
Hair Care-
Who doesn’t want to get drenched in rain? But ever thought how dreadful it is for your hairs and scalp? The pollutants of the big city would end up on your scalp and makes your hair dry
and brittle. The dampness of the scalp leads to increase of dandruff. Use hair oil every third day and wash away with a mild shampoo. You may also use the hair pack made with hibiscus flowers, neem leaves and henna. Grind all the three and apply on the scalp and wash it away after 1 hour.
Skin care-
The humidity pervasive during monsoon would dampen the skin and make the skin favourite spot for microbes and fungi. This leads to variety of skin problems from irritation to ring worm infestation. Wash your face three times a day with a mild Ayurvedic face wash to avoid acne. Avoid make up and artificial jewellery. Use the face pack made of turmeric and
honey. Drink good amount of water.
Precautions for Conditions that get aggravated during monsoons-

Water borne diseases
Monsoon will bring with it the risk of deadly water borne diseases like Jaundice, Typhoid, Malaria, Dengue and others. If you don’t have a water purifier, use boiled and cooled water. Additionally, you can also use any one of the lotus seeds or flowers of margosa
or Naga kesara (Mesua ferrea). Naga Kesara is available in pansari shops and is known as Nagasampige in Kannada and Iron wood of Assam in English. Soak the herbs in 5 litres of water and decant it after 8 hours.

Joint pains-
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis suffer the most due to change in humidity and atmospheric pressure. Hit your nearest panchakarma centre and get a Basti done. If you think you are overweight and the weight of the body is aggravating the pains, then monsoon is the best time to have an Udvartana (Powder massage). These therapies control Vata and reduce the pain.

The cool breeze that accompanies monsoon would not bring joy to people suffering from Asthma and bronchitis. Avoid having plants inside the house. Pollen from plants are more during monsoon and it triggers asthma. Monsoon is the time when the pets stay indoors and the exposure to animal fur would trigger asthma more so in case of children. Restrict the movements of animals to a particular area inside the house. Consult your Ayurvedic physician and take medications to increase the immunity to fight Asthma.
So, take all these necessary precautions and you are ready to welcome the rains.

Happy Monsoon!!!

Dr. Bhavana K R


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