04 November 2019

What makes Ayurveda so special ….

I have always been wondering what makes Ayurveda so unique and different from contemporary science? The whole reason behind it’s uniqueness lies in some of the following reasons –

1. It’s holistic approach – Ayurveda has always treated patient as a whole (not just treating the disease). This divine science believes that , mere absence of disease is not good health. An individual is considered healthy when all the tissues and functions of the body are balanced and stable… In short …. Ayurveda doesn’t aim at destroying the disease, it aims at keeping mind and body elements in balance.

2. It is a well established “science” – the word “science” has various definitions. One of the most common definition being, “observation, identification, description, experimental investigation and theoretical explanation of natural phenomenon” . Not just this, we see any explanation of the word science, it doesn’t assign the property of “evidence-based” in it’s definition. Let’s think for a moment what is meant by this. Anything which can be explained with practical activity or anything which can be observed through experiments is called science. Now I think this is sufficient to tell Ayurveda is also a science …not of diseases but of life. All I want to say here is, explanation of phenomenon or elements of ayurveda like dosha, dhatu, mala, karma, aatma, daiva etc may not be prove-able in laboratories and test tubes, but is definitely scientific which can be observed and experimented upon. Ofcourse I need not tell you that millions and millions of people have survived through centuries only with this system of medicine in the Indian subcontinent.

3. Various paths for one destination- Feather in the cap for Ayurveda as we all know is it’s customised, multi-dimentional approach towards healing a person. There are various methods explained to attain good health. The tridosha theory, panchamahabhuta theory, the nidana panchaka of the disease, body-mind Constitution of the individual, the place where the health seeker resides, the season when the disease has occured and many many more factors. This flexibility gives many choices for a physician to treat the individual. If we are confused about the diagnosis, we have multiple choices which are told above to start treatment with.

4. A touch of divinity- the very fact that Ayurveda has profound explanations on the karma theory, rebirth theories, atma-manas theories, purusharthas, daivyapashraya chikitsa etc makes it unique and special. There is a touch of divinity in Ayurveda.

So, let’s respect this great science of life and have faith in it’s healing touch

Happy time!!!!!

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