14 November 2019

Kshemakutuhalam .. chapter 4 … Part 2…. Good food, good health

We had been reviewing the regimens of winter and spring I the previous article…. ( The link for which is https://ayurveda-for-wellness.com/2019/10/28/4th-chapter-part-1-of-kshemakutuhalam-good-food-good-health/ ) .

1. Regimen of summer – If u see a season when the sun is shinning bright, drying up the greenery and waters, with dust raising all around, u can easily understand it is summer. Since summer is a very ruksha( dry) season, it’s quiet important to give apt concentration to our health. It is aadana kaala (time of the year which keeps us in less energy). So, here are few things which can be done to stay fit in summer.

a) first and foremost, stay in a house which is situated under good shade, wear clothes which are clean and light weight, preferably light colours.

b) We must stay near/visit ponds which have lotuses, must keep visiting gardens which have shady trees with good breeze.

c) Applying sandal paste mixed with camphor on the body keeps us cool, preventing the increase in body temperature.

d) Floral garlands/wearing of flowers which have sweet smell and cold in potency must the worn and must get exposed to cool rays of the moon.

e) It’s good to keep self hydrated with juices of sweet fruits which have cold potencies to keep away thirst.

f) Drinking water which is preferably mixed with/perfumed with camphor must be taken.

g) Avoid food with tastes of too much salt, spicy and sour food, or food which causes burning sensation. Keep away from exposure to too much sun rays.

2. Regimen of rainy season- this is the season which causes aggravation of vata in the body. Hence necessary precautions is to be taken so that vata doesn’t trouble our health.

a) Its quiet vital to stay away from damp houses in this season. The humidity can pose various problems to our system. Make sure you fumigate the house with agaru to keep away infections (due to moisture) and to keep the place warm. The house must be well lit and must have a little more height.

b) The type of food recommended here is mostly which have a little healthy fat (unctous), which are sour, salty. Meat is advised in this season. Seasoning of panchakola( a mix of 5 herbs with hot potency) is advsied with partially diluted curds and with meals.

c) It’s better to drink boiled water, which is mostly fetched from Wells or Rain water.

d) We must wear clothes which are dry and fumigated well to disinfect them.

e) Things to avoid – we must avoid using river water either for drinking or bathing ( as can be contaminated). We must also avoid day sleep and too much exercise as they can increase our doshas to cause diseases.

So, so far we have read and understood about the do’s and dont’s in spring,winter, summer and rainy seasons. Stay tuned for regimes of autumn in the next write up…

Happy time!!!!!

Dr. Sowmya

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