19 November 2019

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 4 ( part 3), good food good health

Kshemakutuhalam has been successful in igniting my thoughts about how much clarity our elders had about health maintenance … Easy and sustainable way to achieve good health has been their main motive… In the previous two posts I had been discussing about the 4th chapter of this book which has been explaining about different seasonal regimes.

Its ofcourse clearer that this book is not only about cooking skills but also subtly deals with information on ways of health maintenance with apt measures. So, continuing with the next season i.e. autumn.

1. When the sky appears clear with beautiful white clouds and the night sky is adorned with enormous stars and bright moon, it is autumn. Autumn is the season when the ponds are full of lotuses. Water of the ponds and rivers are clearer as minds of good men in autumn(Now this caught my attention… What a smiley ) .. .

2. In this season, it is the pitta which vitiates more. Hence all pitta alleviating measures to be followed. Daily intake of sugar + Haritaki is advised in this season regularly.

3. One must always have food which are cold in potency. Food which have bitter and sweet tastes are preferred during this season. Meat if taken must also have the same properties and must be light for digestion.

4. Best choices of food in Sharad rutu are – a) rice with green gram curry. b) milk + sugar

5. Other food which are very much recommended during this period are – Indian gooseberry (amla), sugarcane juice and it’s products, ghee (ghee is like such a favourite for Ayurveda doctors, carrying too many health benefits).

6. Exposing oneself to rays of moon and can have water from rivers..

7. Things to avoid in autumn– curds, sesame oil, alcoholic beverages etc. Sour and salty food which can increase pitta to be kept away. Too much exposure to sun rays during day time and too much of breeze to be avoided. Day sleep must be kept at Bay.

Most importantly – all the seasonal regimens must be followed from last one week of the previous season itself. It is because, the properties of the seasons overlap during the last week of previous season and first week of next season. How thoughtful !!!!!!

So this completes, the seasonal regimes chapter of Kshemakutuhalam. I just hope we start following atleast a part of what is told in our books.

Stay tuned for more updates Happy time !!!!

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