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03 December 2019

Importance of Ginger in Your Kitchen

Ginger is one of the very old spices and it has been mentioned given importance in medical classics of Ayurveda, other systems of Indian medicine and also in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is also called as vishwa in sanskrit language which can be interpreted as universal medicine.

Here are few ways on how ginger can be a good remedy in small ailments-

  1.  Being one of the best digestive, it kindles the digestive enzymes like none others. In case of less appetite, a small piece of dried ginger, which is soaked in ghee (clarified butter) can be kept in the mouth and chewed till all the juice is ingested. This helps in increasing the appetite when it is done around 10-15 min before a meal.
  2. In distended tummy, too much of gas formation and colicky pain, ghee which is made with ginger ( while preparing ghee from butter, small pieces of ginger can be added while boiling ) can be taken in a dose of around 2 tea-spoons. This helps in reducing gas and thereby tummy pain.
  3. If u have taken a heavy meal, which could increase gas or which might be difficult to digest, dry ginger powder in the dose of around ½-1 tea spoon can be mixed with hot water and taken.
  4. Ideal tip for singers etc who needs voice maintenance, can prevent sore throat by taking one gram of ginger powder along with sugar or honey, after meals.
  5. In cases of severe headaches, ginger can be made into paste and applied on the site of pain, especially if headache is due to cold and sinusitis. It helps relieve heaviness of the head too.
  6. In case of common cold and running nose, around one glass of water is boiled with 2 inch piece of ginger which is crushed well and boiled along with little salt and sugar. This decoction when reduced to half can be drank (preferably hot). This in my personal experience has helped me in getting rid of common cold very effectively.
  7. Ginger in many combinations especially with honey can help in reducing weight effectively when taken for long duration.
  8. Ginger helps prevent allergic conditions like urticaria and respiratory allergies when used on a regular basis in our food.

Having said about a few benefits of ginger, it’s very important to know few CAUTIONS in its usage-

  1. Ginger has been proved to have properties of preventing blood clotting or in other words it can increase the tendency of bleeding. So, patients on ‘blood thinners’ like aspirin need to be careful while consuming ginger and should be taking it only after consulting your physician.
  2. Ginger may cause acidity on a long run, so people who have the tendency of acidity/heartburn must not take ginger on high doses and on regular basis.
  3. Ginger is claimed to increase blood pressure hence less advised for
    continuous use in people suffering from hypertension.

Ginger, officially called zingiber officinale, has amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor properties and can help you in many conditions right in your kitchen.

Disclaimer– however any medicine taken needs to be taken only after consultation from your doctor, as not all health conditions of all people are same.

Hope this helped.
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Happy time.

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