winter care tips by ayurveda
11 December 2019

Winter care …. Let’s get prepared to face the winter….

Hello everyone … With the ongoing winter in full swing let’s see what are to be followed…..

1. Digestion and appropriate food intake– Digestive capacity what we popularly call as Agni is in full swing in winter. Ayurveda believes that the cold outside makes the heat of the external body, sink into the gut and makes our digestion very strong. This is the reason normally we observe that our appetite is better in winters. Hence, it becomes very important to provide the right “fuel” in the form of food to our tummy. Some super foods which we can take regularly in this weather are – ghee, milk and all heavy stuff. Additionally seasonal fruits like gooseberry (amalaki) must be regularly taken. The best variety of amalaki are carefully chosen and can be stored either in the form of morabba ( a popular preparation in India) or in more advanced form like chyavanaprasha. This is the best season to start consuming chyavanaprasha for better immunity and strength.

2. Oil massage- The environment generally gets dry in this weather. Hence we might have observed that our skin needs layers of moisturisers in winter…. The best way to combat this is not moisturisers or any sort of creams but regular oil massage with a suitable oil to our skin tone and body Constitution. Taila abhyanga is considered to impart multiple benefits like good strength, good skin tones, smooth skin etc…. Let this be your daily routine before bath!!!!

3. Night regimes in winter– sleep in winter is advocated in sufficient quantity at night (though day sleep is never recommended). Sexual activity is indicated in this season as the body strength is considered to be good in what is called dakshinayana.

These are some simple suggestions of Ayurveda with which we can achieve optimum health benefits

Stay healthy this winter !!! Stay tuned !!!

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