15 December 2019

Super 10- take away tips for better health

Hello all. Hereby presenting to you today, a list of do’s and dont’s which we need to follow for optimal health. Most of us would be doing wrong/hazardous things by practice without even realising it’s Ill effects… So here is a small list of the same….

1. Never sleep during day time – afternoon naps specially soon after a heavy lunch causes damage to health. As we say in Ayurveda it does tridosha prakopa ( it vitiates the tridoshas)

2. Never go to sleep soon after dinner ( there must be gap between supper and sleep)

3. Avoid excess consumption of caffeine, refined sugar, salts, highly processed food, refined oils and refined flour( maids) based products..

4. Completely avoid screen time before sleep ( eg- television, laptops,mobile phones etc) . Avoiding screen time imparts better sleep,as, artificial lights disturb ur sleep hormones

5. During sleep time, avoid having too many thoughts in mind, avoid being stressed, or too high on emotions (positive or negative). If u still have problem with falling alseep, best solution is to massage both feet with oil ( there are many variables of oil available for it) just before sleep

6. Cluster eating must be strictly avoided. Ayurveda recommends only 2 meals a day. But these days we feed too frequently than required, that too with unhealthy eatables.

7. Refrigerator and microwave ovens imparts some terrible effects on our health. Reduce their usage as much as possible. ( Stopping their use would be the best though ).

8. Daily consumption of pure homemade ghee, honey, milk, healthy cold-pressed oils, traditional staple food which is home-cooked and fresh would be the best for good health.

9. Avoid working late hours at night. Good sleep helps in rejuvenating ur cells (anabolic effect)

10. Eat what is yummy to your tummy than what is yummy to your taste buds…..

Have a great day !!!!! Stay tuned!!!!

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