09 January 2020

Chapter 5 ( part 1 ) of Kshemakutuhalam – good routine, good health

Well, let’s get started with a new chapter of health as described in this wonderful book kshemakutuhalam. In the previous articles we have discussed about the seasonal regimes to be followed for better health. Today , we will further move on to the daily regimes both of night and day to be followed. These are simple tips which are easy to follow with enormous health benefits. So, let’s get started ?

1. Dinacharya- in order to maintain good health, one must wake up early in the morning .. preferably before sunrise which is called as the brahmi- muhurtha … Later one must finish off other routines like clearing the bowels and urine.

Now comes the time for brushing teeth and oral hygiene. Brushing was generally advised by our peers with a twig from tree which was approximately twelve fingers in length and would have bitter or pungent (spicy) tastes… This twig was to be collected fresh and used for brushing along with chewing … But since we use toothbrushes these days this is not being followed more except in few rural areas… After brushing of teeth, we must gargle mouth with water atleast twelve times. This procedure would keep away tooth, tongue and other oral issues and also improve the taste sensation.

Next step of the routine would be gargling… Gargling is indicated to increase oral health and also to remove kapha, impurities from dentines. Thereafter we need to wash face with cold or lukewarm water depending on the skin type.

Later comes the time for udvartana and abhyanga (which can be understood as scrubbing and massage). This procedure removes excess kapha and fat and also imparts lustre, improves skin health. This habit also increases eyesight, gives strength and thereby long life. This must be followed by snana (bath)

Head Bath must be performed only with luke-warm water. Very hot water bath can lead to loss of strength in hair, eyes and skin. Also, we must gently wipe the body with smooth cloth and must render it dry. Interestingly, author also suggests one can wear silk cloth in winter, saffron cloth in summer and white robe in rainy season ( reasons for the same also have been explained ).

So this was about a small introduction of what has to be done as soon as we wake up in the morning ……. Stay tuned for what to be followed next ……

Happy time !!!!

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