24 January 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 5 ( part 2)- good routine is healthy life

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 5 ( part 2)- good routine is healthy life

We have been discussing about the daily rituals… Thus continuing the same,

1. Smearing of fragrances– after having bath as advised, one must anoint the body with fragrances according to the season. Eg- saffron and agaru for winter, sandal and camphor for summer, sandal and saffron for rainy season etc … This depends on qualities and potencies of these substances as appropriate to seasons.

2. Daily prayers – later we must do our daily rituals and prayers, specifically starting from the sun God for all the energy he provides.

3. Wearing flowers– wearing flowers is recommended by the author irrespective of the weather. It removes bad odour, gives good fragrance and most importantly has immense medicinal properties. Eg- lotus and Rose may stabilise pitta … In the following several versus author elaborately explains various flowers which can be worn with their respective properties. The duration of wearing each flower has also been mentioned with clarity. Wearing gold and gems is also emphasized by author as it may please the planets and bestow good fortune on the person wearing it.

4. Sadvrutha-kathanam– after having done all this, one must engage oneself in charity to the poor. Later, must offer respects to god, guru and elders. ( This made me realize the importance of empathy told by our ancestors which we hardly get to find in any other part of the world. Indian culture has been a great source of reference for such good conducts which helps in prosperity and peace among the society)

5. Eight auspicious things– author tells that there are eight auspicious things in life which have to worshiped and always respected. They are, cow, fire, gold, ghee,food, sun, brahmana and the king.

6. Food intake– some basic points to be kept in mind for food intake are that,. – we must always strat eating our meal after assessing our Digestive capacity. -We must always have a company while having a meal. – after having the food we must chew betel leaves, as , it kills germs, increases Digestive power and cures oral diseases. – one must never sleep after having heavy food.

7. What to be avoided– sexual intercourse during day time must be strictly avoided as it can reduce the lifespan and aggravate the doshas. One must not be addicted to alcohol or nay intoxicating materials.

8. Ten other things to be avoided– violence,theft, immoral desires, harshness, lying, company of wicked men, harmful thoughts, sinful conducts, greed for others wealth and calumny must be avoided. These ten activities in speech-thoughts-activities can lead us to misery.

This chapter is a compact collection of useful ideas- not only related to one’s health but for the society’s health and well-being.

Stay tuned for the next article pertaining to the same chapter which deals with night regimes and sadvritta .

Happy time!!!!!

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