27 January 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 5 (part 3)…. Good routine is healthy life

Hello all…. I was so enthusiastic to share this piece of information on the most simple yet most practical topic of health maintenance… Kshemakutuhalam elaborates the importance of a concept called ‘sadvritta’ for better health and society… This phenomenal concept is told in Ayurveda as well. But the best part is we hardly find such an unique concept in any other medical text other than those of India ( in particular ayurveda). Sadvritta is basically about the do’s and dont’s in life…. Let’s have a peep into it.

1. Activities of all human beings are aimed towards obtaining happiness. In short, all work that we do must make us happy. Again, the definition of happiness is subjective. Hence, to put a clause of morality author further clarifies that, happiness cannot be got without following “Dharma” or righteousness. Hence, all must follow what is righteous.

2. There are ten things to be avoided in deeds, speech and thoughts– they are, violence, theft, immoral desires, harsh behavior, lying, calumny, company of bad people, harmful thoughts, greed for other’s money/wealth, and sinful conduct. World would be a better place if these are avoided and moreover, it can also give the person good psychological health.

3. One must help others who are in sorrow, and the sorrow may be of any reason.

4. Next statement says that a person must always be very empathetic towards other living creatures, right from an ant to fellow humans; we must see other souls as our own .. this urges us to do good to even our worst enemies…

5. A most practical tip we come across– one must talk only when need arises and only to talk what is helpful. Useless and loose talks make more harm than good. I think this is the most sensible behaviour one can show specially these days when we comment on each and every topic- which we aren’t even related to and disrupt the social harmony .. ( most suitable platform for such useless talk being social media).

6. Next verse says that we must not be doubtful on everyone ( must not suspect others without reason) and neither must anyone see others as enemy. We have to be like a friend to whoever needs us.

7. We must not reveal our humiliations to others and make others look down upon us. We must not be hostile to others and humiliate whose opinion differs from ours.

8. We must always take middle path for all our work ( must not go extremes). In other words, to achieve Dharma, artha and kaama, we must see that it doesn’t oppose each other. Eg- to fulfil our kaama (desires of all kinds), we must see that we don’t deviate from Dharma ( righteous acts).

9. We must not pamper our sense organs and it’s cravings too much .. neither must we punish the sense organs by suppressing our cravings. In short, we must know how to control our desires and take a medium path for the same.

10. The author further advices us that we must dress neatly always, such that it must be pleasing in nature. In this regard, we must also keep our hair,nails and beard short.

11. Interestingly, author further quotes that one must sneeze, laugh or yawn by covering the mouth.

12. We must always avoid weak trees , homes which are abandoned and not used for a long time and graveyards, specially to stay or rest….

13. We must avoid, scorching heat, extreme cold weather, strong wind- as these might cause diseases.

14. One eye-catching advise we come across here is that we must avoid enemies of kings and it’s better to stay away from such people. So apt for today!!!!!!!

15. We must abstain from eating, sleeping, sexual intercourse and studies during the Sandhya kaala ( meeting points between day and night ).

16. Further, we must not be addicted anything like liquor/alcoholic drinks and other similar substances.

17. One must enjoy scientific lectures, studies of vedas, puranas and our traditional knowledge. Likewise we must enjoy dance, music etc for mental peace and happiness.

18. Last but not the least, one must have sympathy towards other beings and must help others in trouble considering it as our own.

This topic has always inspired me to get to the right path and considering the turmoil the world is facing these days in the name of religion, politics, greed and stuff which are similar; it’s better we keep reminding ourselves about these concepts. They can lead us to the right path and make our world peaceful again.

Stay tuned for the next article on ratricharya ( regimes for night).

Happy time !!!!!!!!

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