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29 January 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 5 (part 4) – Healthy routine, good health

Welcome back all health enthusiasts… Congratulations on being concerned about your well-being and following this series of write-ups on Kshemakutuhalam. 5th chapter has been very elaborate about many concepts. It contains daily regime, good conduct/behaviours/sadvritta. Now it also dedicates a small portion on the night regimes/ what to be and not to be followed at night, also called as ratricharya. Let’s have a quick peep into it

1. Calm mind the key factor– we must avoid excess thoughts and flow of extreme emotions during the night time. Like for example, being worried about something, being too angry, being too happy, being too depressed etc can hamper the sleep. Hence, staying calm and most importantly SILENT is very very essential. After all, good sleep is almost good health.

2. Pray to the almighty– the next humble routine to be followed is something which helps us keep grounded. Prayers gives us strength and confidence. Here, the author specifically asks us to perpetually thank God for the blessings of that day…… And this point really caught my attention. For, how many of us really take a minute to thank the supreme power for giving us good food, good water, good air, good clothes etc on any day ? Let’s keep it in our routine!!!!

3. Sexual intercourse– brahmacharya/celibacy have been described a lot in our texts as it effects our health for good or bad, a cording to how we follow…. Texts say to avoid sexual intercourse during night times only and to avoid it during noon, soon after lunch, during the Sandhya kaala( the conjunction between day-night and night-day). In summers, having intercourse daily is prohibited.

4. Sleep– good sleep is the basis of good health. This is something which rejuvenates the body and brings about anabolic activity. It freshens the mind and body. The author here advices to sleep on left side preferably , as it can help in the digestion. Day sleep is told be avoided completely and similarly night sleep isn’t to be missed.

5. Final statement for the doorway to good health– the last verse of the chapter tells that, a person who sleeps on his left side, who eats only two meals a day, who urinates 6 times (approximately) who passes motions twice a day (approximately) and who has sexual intercourse in limitation … Will live a hundred years……

Hoping that the world follow these simple rules for a better world.

Happy time!!!!! And stay tuned for the 6th chapter .. coming soon….

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