02 February 2020

5 ways for staying safe this season – from infections like Corona virus

Corona virus infections and the threat it poses has been a serious concern and has been rightly declared as a global medical emergency recently…. And all of us are aware of the signs and symptoms it starts with… So here are some vital steps to prefect yourself in this situation

1. Personal hygiene and other steps- it’s quiet important specially for kids to stay clean. Some simple steps like washing hands with handwash/soap as soon as they come back from school/play areas is utmost important. However, it also becomes necessary to use a pollution mask in crowded areas (though it is definitely the best option to avoid crowded places).

2. Stay away from people who show flue like symptoms– this is very important as the virus is highly contagious and can spread easily form person to person. And most importantly kindly get medical attention as soon as you feel symptoms like running nose, headaches, throat pains/sore throat, fever, bodyache etc…

3. Super good to strengthen the immunity– since it’s a communicable disease, it’s very much needed to keep yourself strong and immune to such infections. Some of the super foods which can strengthen your immune system may be, amla(Indian gooseberry), any fruit with Rich vitamin c (like the citrus fruits), ginger, honey, tulasi leaves, pepper, cinammon, turmeric – ofcourse all in it’s purest forms….. as all market samples of these aren’t genuine.

4. Keep hydrated– it becomes necessary to keep yourself hydrated because dryness can invite infections. Drink good amount of fluids in the form of water, tender coconuts, buttermilk or fruit juices.

5. Ayurveda medicines– One of the formulations of ayurveda which can keep away infections is “shadanga paneeya”. It is available in the markets in the form of a coarse powder. The recipes is quiet simple. Take around 10-15 gms of powder, mix it with around 1 litre of water and then boil it till it reduces to atleast half the quantity. Store this in a bottle and keep sipping the whole day.

But you can rest assure yourself that there is no need to panic on the situation…. Keep calm and let the experts of their job..

Stay safe this season!!!! Happy time and stay tuned for more health updates

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