[AKHYANA001]: A Small Story by Dr. Rohini Kiran
03 February 2020

[AKHYANA001]: A Small Story by Dr. Rohini Kiran

Day 1 in ayurveda college. I see a small building, Come towards the Notice board With a lot of hopes to find something interesting. I see my friend there who was a stranger then, With same interesting look towards the notice board. And we find NOTHING. 

Most of the ayurveda students join this field As medical aspirants, Who are unable to get seat anywhere else. I was neither a medical aspirant, nor that I couldn’t get a seat anywhere else. Only that my father thought, This was a suitable course for me And me behaving like an ideal ‘beti’ Joined it. It’s a new anything about career. Life was very simple in a small town. I always live for present. Like if you give me an ice cream, I will enjoy eating it and forget about it. 

Things are very different now. For I give you my child an ice cream, I think about weather, day-night, her health, see if her exams are approaching . So that if she gets a cold, 7 days of cold Should not spoil her classes/ exams. OH GOD! This is the same ME. 

Similarly Ayurveda was NOTHING in my life and now a total change in me making ayurveda EVERYTHING. I am a hard core ayurvedic practitioner now. The 1st yrs BAMS ( it was a 3 academic exams for 1 1⁄2 year each) And we have so many subjects. Each subject was unique and totally different from the 12th grade. We came across shareer rachana, shareer kriya which we feel ‘yes’ we are into medical course and we come across paratha vignana, sanskrit, itihaas, ashtanga hrudaya which we felt why the hell do we need to understand these. During that student life I could never understand the connection of philosophy with medicine. I was very reserved to ask the questions. Once in anatomy class, I asked my professor about why the joint makes click sound. This was when I started discovering different mechanisms of body and mind. Most of the college life was self study based and we need to be seriously crave for the knowledge . But inputs were minimal. No internet and easy access to books was not there. Thus ends the academics. But apart from the reminiscing moments of study in college, even today sometimes , we are clueless about this vast science.

From 1st to final year we chant VATA, PITTA, KAPHA. while practicing medicine, same chanting, prescribing medicine the chant goes on. We go to social media now, we search ayurveda only to find VATA, PITTA AND KAPHA. But is it really gonna work on us? We find ayurvedic trolls on tridoshas, college and all subjects. But when we practice with full dedication, it did wonders. Even I faced difficulties in practice . Once a slip disc case approached and without going into details I prescribed guluchyadi kwath only to see how a single dose could aggravate. My mentor came in and explained the condition. That was my last case of ignored prescription.

A single wrong prescription will make such a vast difference? Yes. Ayurveda works . If given correctly, patient will be cured . A wrong prescription will surely have side effects. Even today, every patient creates a curiosity in me . Every person makes me think and still update my knowledge of ayurveda. On a personal front,a day today diet and lifestyle are known. The mistakes in diet and lifestyle which I wouldn’t have known if I wouldn’t have studied this field. Finally I say it is the best gift from my father to me to know this science. PEOPLE HAVE CHANGED NOW. Like me, even common people are aware of this vast science. Doctors do not prescribe ayurvedic drugs as a big costly list of medications. Single drug , easy prescription, patient friendly panchakarma , suitable for pheno and genotypes are worked on. 

And now after 15 years of my practice, I feel that we should have knowledge of everything particularly all systems of medicines. We should study, update ourselves yet , stick to our ancient beautiful science of ayurveda which will make our lives better.Thank you. 

– Dr. Rohini Kiran.

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