Akhyana - A Tale of Ayurveda

[AKHYANA002]: A story of mine – A journey towards Ayurveda by Dr. Supraja
03 February 2020

[AKHYANA002]: A story of mine – A journey towards Ayurveda by Dr. Supraja

My story regarding Ayurveda studies is more interesting and also it is very difficult and crucial why because it is a many year experience like Rama’s forest history. Why this much year are you wondering! While explaining about my story all will get the answer for that.

Like all students I finished my +2 and was in search of next option in my life. My sister was in the path of homeopathy during that time. So I not decided to take homeopathy but I want to join in any medical field other than homeopathy. On that time counseling came and I went for that. On that time there was no Ayurvedic government colleges in Tamilnadu. That year was 2000. So decide to join in Management College in government quota. But I was very happy as I got government seat.

If we take college life usually we get lot of difficulties. Like that I also faced so much of problems. But up to I finished my first class test. Now I am going to explain about what are all the problems I faced during that time. After joining Ayurveda I went to the class with so much of dreams. First problem was I don’t know Sanskrit as it is the main language to study and to get deeper knowledge regarding sloka. But in the beginning Hindi helped me a lot as the letters are mostly same as for both the language. As I passed two exams in Hindi it helped me a lot.

Then coming to another problem I am a closed type. So I faced another important problem home sick. As I am a closed type girl nobody mingle with me. I felt very lonely. In hostel also I feel lonely. But what a thing I did correctly was fortunately or unfortunately to get rid of this loneliness I started finishing the every day’s portion that was taught in my class. No other way also why because nobody is mingling with me. If I go to shop also I have to go by single. If I go to canteen also I have to go by single. 

It was very horrible situation. By god’s grace after one month a class tests that too a surprise test they kept. Usually I complete my daily portions after that only I usually go to sleep. On that time and all the other girls of my batch usually laughed at me. She doesn’t have any work she will always study and wasting her time like that. But didn’t even listen that and used to continue in my path. By god’s grace and because of my hard work I got first mark in that test. 

Then I started my race in the college. Then I started to believe the fruit of hard work.  Then the college view on me gets changed. Not only my batch mates but also the whole college looked at me with respect. But I didn’t stop my hard work. I put more effort than before. In university exam I got the first mark. I was very happy. Not only in the first year in all the four and half years had myself got the first mark. It was such a memorable event in my life. 

Then the training period came. All lectures suggested my name to take seminars. They insisted me to take classes for juniors also. It was also a very wonderful experience. I usually prepare my class and take the class without seeing notes, it on the other way make the students to create a interest for studying. Because the person himself who is taking class without seeing notes why we have to waste time we also has to study in a good manner like that they also start to study.  In Ayurveda the biggest problem is to study the sloka. As usually explain sloka without seeing they also start to study the sloka in a good manner. This and all are very good experience in my under graduation studies. During that time every Saturday and Sunday I go to a clinic of my madam. It also helped me a lot in my career.

 But one important lack is practical experience. Because many important cases will usually go to allopathic medication so lacking of experience I faced. So I didn’t get satisfied. I don’t have any confident that I will manage all the cases. Mostly all doctors will suffer like this in the beginning. So decided to go to a training to a great legend after finishing my under graduation.  That place was far away from my place. I worked with him for six months. I got lot of experience. So much of patient’s nearly 200 patients every day I saw. That too with very rare diseases and chronic diseases like syringomyelia, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, hemiplegia., systemic lupus erythematous and psoriasis etc

I got very much good experience and confident by working under him. I worked under him for six months during in that mean time I prepared for post graduation entrance. In our state post graduation College for Ayurveda is not there. So again in that period hard work started. I put my whole effort and got post graduation degree in all India entrance. In that period again problem started that it takes somewhat delay in getting my stipend. So no other way I have to work in the evening time. So I learned that state language and joined in a clinic for part time in evening. After that my stipend also started to came and I put my full effort in studying and finished my first year exam and continued another six months. 

On that time a notification came for government job in our state. I started prepared for that finally after severe hard work I got the government job. I worked there and got permission to study the remaining period and finished my whole master degree and joined in the government college which I am presently working. During my MD my HOD helped me a lot.

In the mean time during my post graduation study I treated many cases. But one wonderful experience was one patient was suffered from itching all over the body.  How terrific it was means he use to use a knife for rubbing in that area. By one friend he came to know about me and came by flight to see me because he was having that much emergency to get rid of that condition. Then i cured his suffering by giving medicines for one month. I and also he both were very much happy.

Thus coming to the end Ayurveda amruthanam that Ayurveda never ends and also hard work never fails.

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