[AKHYANA003]: Aayushyaha Vedaha Ayurvedaha by Dr. Tejal Joshi
03 February 2020

[AKHYANA003]: Aayushyaha Vedaha Ayurvedaha by Dr. Tejal Joshi

Veda, which is related to the life is defined as Ayurveda. Ayurveda has a huge history of treating diseases which seem to be hard in present day. King Daksha’s head transplant, birth of hundred Kauravas, son of Bhima and Hidimba i.e., Ghatotkacha are some examples of it. Born in ghata, which means clay pot, isn’t the birth of Ghatotkacha equivalent to today’s test tube baby? Or head transplant of King Daksha, isn’t it equivalent to today’s plastic surgery? By learning this in Ayurveda Itihaas in first year, I got full trust in Ayurveda and its magical treatment. 

When I was in second year, I went for an educational tour to Kashmir. There, me and my friends suffered from severe loose motion and vomiting. After returning from tour, we were diagnosed with food poisoning and fungal infection. I was hospitalized and was on treatment of inj Metronidezol IVI-I, inj Pantab I-I-I and Paracetamol SOS. I was feeling better and was discharged from hospital. But after a week, I again had an acute abdominal pain. Now I decided to take the magical treatment of Ayurveda. I was diagnosed with the disease named Grahani

|| Agnipittavayur prakarnena anukulitaha || 

As we all know, that this disease is caused by Manda-agni, so I was not having food properly. I suddenly lost 8 kg weight thus having Balakshaya. There was still loose motion, so the treatment given to me was as follows. 

1. Takra

|| Takragraahi Kashaay Aamlaswadupaakrasa || 

Takra (buttermilk) is itself graahi i.e., it has power to treat Manda-agni and help food to digest. With jeera churna and saindhav salt, its medicinal power increases. 

2. Bilva Awleha

Awleha, it is the type where medicine is prepared by Paakvidhi so that it is easy to digest for Manda-agni patient as well as small kids. Bilva, generally offered to Lord Shiva, has a medicinal use of Stambhan, Deepan, Paachan, etc. 3. Daadimadi Ghruta

Daadim means pomegranate. It also supports to digestive system by doing Stambhan and Paachan. With the combination of ghruta i.e., clarified butter which increases bala and works as Deepan

With all this combination, I was treated and got cured early as well. For me, Ayurveda is that science which has no end. Its power itself proves by its existence from decades. It was so developed in past, yet it will be developing in future as well. World is following Ayurveda by practicing Yoga and by taking Panchkarma treatments. 

Swasthasya Swaasthya Rakshanam Aaturyasya Vyadhi Prashamanamcha 

Ayurveda not only treats the patients by curing their disease, but also helps to maintain the health of healthy person. 

Thank you. 

Dr. Tejal Joshi Deshpande.

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