[AKHYANA004]: An Unexpected Journey by Siminayani .G
03 February 2020

[AKHYANA004]: An Unexpected Journey by Siminayani .G

Here is an interesting (hopefully) story about my Unexpected Journey with the beautiful Ancient Medicine, i.e. The Ayurveda! 

I’m Simi Nayani, & I belong to Hyderabad, known for it’s Steaming Hot Biriyani & Pearls from all around the World, displayed on the Streets of Old City. So, I graduated from 12th STD and God, such Chaos, those times!  There’s suddenly People Piling up with the same Old, “What Next”? And, I, never thought about it! So I just decided to go with the flow, and give my Entrance Exams! Hold on, though! Did you ever have that Shaa-Bang Moment in your Life, when you realize, that, “This is what I was meant for”! I had that…Let me elaborate.

So, when my Mama (Mother) who is a Devotee of his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (whom we lovingly call as Guruji) wanted me to meet him before the exams and take his blessings, I was not very sure, as to what is it that I wanted to do, but then, the Meeting happened.So the conversation went something like this …

Mama:  Guruji my daughter completed her 12th ,please bless her

Guruji:  She will become a doctor

Well, the conversation has been cut short to a great length, but the Crux was this!

Since my childhood I had always wanted be a Doctor, but I had never known about Ayurveda. I prepared for my exams though, with all of my efforts & gave the entrance.

I could not get an Mbbs seat but had managed to Get a Dental seat in a Private college which I was not interested in. My father was Keen to put me  into some Good college to persuade Law like my mother. But my mother was so adamant and she made sure that I filled the application form of “Sri Sri college of ayurvedic science and Research ‘’… So, as we were searching for Colleges, we found a famous law college, decided to join there and brought application form on the way back home. Alas! Life had other plans for me! Yes, I had received a welcome letter from Sri Sri college for entrance test and interview. And we went to Bangalore for the entrance test and interview. It happened in the College itself. Amongst 120 odd applicants, only 40 were to be selected, and I , for one, felt that I would’nt be able to pull it off. 

 However, I  Soon, did, get a call from the Admission Department, saying that, My name was shortlisted and initial fees had to be paid.

Not to sympathize or anything, but See, I belong to a middle class family and the fee that was to be paid was’nt, affordable for us! Somehow, my Parents managed to pull off an Education Loan (without any collateral), with at most gratitude to our Maternal Uncle, whose Surety  in the bank, had made this possible!

Despite of all of these things, there were only two thing that were driving me forward, day in & day out, I.E:

  1. My Parents… My father’s Sacrifice & Dedication and My Mother’s Love & Confidence. 
  2. The Passion, which I always consider to be of highest importance .

Later on, College started it was, indeed, a very tough time for me, to be honest! I also thought that  Ayurveda is not my cup of tea. I somehow, did’nt want to let go of this golden opportunity that had come to me. So I did end up working Hard, rather than Smart. E.g. : during my first year final examinations, I used to take a yoga mat with me and sleep at the place where I used to study, which happened to be a small corner so that I got up early in the morning and don’t end up sleeping more, whatsoever.

Things like these took a big toll on my Health, and unfortunately I had to suffer with viral fever during the said exams. But thanks to my Friends & God’s grace, I managed to pass 1st year with first class. However, I did learn from my mistakes  & started understanding smarter ways to study .

I soon started experimenting medicines on myself for cold ,cough ,fever, indigestion , etc. & for all the problems that I had I started using  Ayurvedic medicines and was able to witness amazing results. I did this because, it was very important for me, to have faith in what I do, and see results first, before recommending it to others and this faith, I developed, through Scientific Methodology of Experimentation.

Walking to herbal garden trying to steal amalaki (amla), making fun filled word phrases just to remember drug names , going to Rasa Shastra lab and feeling as if we were great cooks  by making chinchapana, Doing the Post-Mortem thing for the first time (The Smell was horrible I tell you!) all of these wonderful memories!

Apart from all of this, I obviously, did enjoy my College Life, which includes the loads and loads of friends that I made and movies that I watched in the Hostel.

Alas, it seems now, that, in a flash of memory the College had ended. Everyone had left home for vacation, then suddenly, a person rings up and tells me that I had gotten a distinction, whilst I was at my House. That moment, though, when my father hugged me  and kissed on my forehead and said I am proud of you beta was the best moment of life, till now! 

I only learnt one thing in this Entire Journey, viz. “Love your Science you will start Believing in it, Believe in your Science you will start practicing it , and  practice your Science and you will start mastering it”!

Right now I’m preparing for Post Graduation exam. 

What happens next in my life shall be revealed in Akhyayana part 2. (That is, once, I find out First!) 

In a nutshell, An Unexpected Journey turned out to be a blessing in disguise!!! 

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