[AKHYANA006]: Story of Ayurveda by Soumya S
03 February 2020

[AKHYANA006]: Story of Ayurveda by Soumya S

Had you ever heard of the word Ayurveda before 12th standard? Yes, maybe you were treated by an Ayurvedic physician sometime in your life or your parents were staunch believers of modern medicine. I had been to many Ayurvedic physicians but had never considered it as a career choice. Slog slog slog, all through your 11th and 12th standard and become an IITian, NITian engineer or an MBBS doctor is what the society expects from you. To get a thought to do something out of the way is neither accepted nor appreciated in the society. A thought to take up Ayurveda struck me after my 12th, actually even after I had joined an engineering course. Somehow, engineering did not fascinate me even though I had scored a centum in mathematics, the only reason being the abundant number of engineers in the country. 

Even though I had decided to take up Ayurveda, a tough job of convincing my parents lay ahead of me. A job that was harder as I had got a Government seat for engineering in one among the top 10 colleges of the state. After sessions of discussion and persuasion, my parents agreed that I could take up Ayurveda. Then I shifted my stream from engineering to Ayurveda. I don’t regret the decision even an ounce. Society may not accept your course in the beginning but the same people will come back to you for treatment and suggestions once you become a doctor. 

A Journey worth experiencing is what Ayurveda gives your life. Swimming through the ocean of Samhitas is both an enriching as well as a unique life experience. You enter 1st year and you are intrigued by the Sanskrit language, Shareera Kriya, Shareera Rachana (human anatomy & physiology) in Sanskrit. 

Ashtanga Hrudaya stands in front of you with all might that you learn to fight through the arrows and swords. As years pass by, you learn about mightier texts and grow stronger as a person. 

You witness patients with chronic ailments come to you and find relief. Patients bless you and leave your place with a wide smile that you understand the worth of your medicine. Some patients, who have lost all 

hopes in life after trying all other forms of treatment, find solace in Ayurveda. Gradually, Ayurveda becomes an inseparable part of your life. A day does not go by when you don’t think about every element in your daily life as explained by Ayurveda. Be it the food, lifestyle or the lifestyle to be followed according to different seasons. Some aspects will make you think, some others will make you wonder and others will make you ponder about the greatness and might of Ayurveda. Once you learn to accept it, Ayurveda becomes your friend and family for life. 

Ayurveda is a divine science which is a part of Atharva Veda. The science was recollected by Brahma and taught to Daksha Prajapathi. Daksha Prajapathi taught it to the Ashwini Kumaras who were considered as the divine physicians. They transferred the knowledge to Lord Indra who taught it to his disciples like Athreya. Athreya tutored disciples like Agnivesha who were responsible for the propagation of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has 8 branches namely General medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, E.N.T & ophthalmology, Surgery, Toxicology, Rejuvenatory science and science dealing with aphrodisiacs. These 8 branches are considered as the vital parts of Ayurveda and considered as Ashtanga Ayurveda. Study of Ayurveda involves dwelling deep into each subject and exploring the intricacies of each branch. 

Ayurveda is a boon to patients with paralysis. Ones who come to us without any hopes of cure discover the power of Ayurveda when they find astonishing improvement. Patients who are suffering from lifestyle disorders find better cure and perspective as Ayurveda also involves the concept of pathya and apathy. It also gives tremendous results in terms of eye and ear disorders as in improving visual acuity. Ayurveda thus is a blessing to mankind. 

A journey that will keep you on your toes, a journey that provides immense satisfaction and a journey that guides and enlightens you all through your life is what a journey through Ayurveda can provide you. Come and join the fraternity of Ayurveda to experience happiness and joy in your life. 

With the blessings of Lord Dhanwantari, hope the world rejoices in the warmth of Ayurveda and experiences an enriching livelihood.

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    1. Mekhala

      Congratulations, sowmya on taking a bold step in breaking stereotypes of what the youth should choose. I appreciate your efforts that you must have put in while studying this branch of medicine. You will make a fine doctor. (On a lighter note, hope I stay healthy and not be your patient!) All the best.

    1. Suresh b

      It is obvious in the mad crowd going behind stressful money-making professional courses, your selection is totally indegenous. You shouldered the onus of accepting the challenge to become a BAMS.
      We Indians have a very high regards to Macaulay system of education, wherein you have been force-fed what you need not know and you are denied all those you ought to know.
      Now you have to shoulder much higher responsibility of not using quick fix miracle with side effects.( English medicine) and explain to own people who will seldom accept anything other than new.

      All the very best for your efforts, and for your wonderful future.

  1. Well written & beautifully articulated.

    Firstly, Best wishes to Soumya. Being in Healthcare Non Profits Sector, I am truly delighted with such knowledge share and intellect excavation of our Samhitas.

    Looking forward for more such positive articles.

    best wishes again. May Lord Dhanwantri bless us and we see Him in Doctors like You.

    Truly Yours,


    1. Ramakanth Udupa K

      Nice article about ayurveda, the pride of India which is safest medical science with treatments with least side affects if not nil. Though in emergencies it might not be having life saving techniques & treatments like it’s counterpart, in today’s situation where many medical ailments and diseases are due to bad life styles, wrong food habits and enormous stressful professional & personal life situations, ayurvedic medicines and treatments are best solutions for the people.

  2. sanprao

    Loved this story. Played like a movie in my mind. Looking forward from more inspiring, knowledge enriching articles from you. All the best

  3. Revathy R

    After years of taking allopathic medicine recently I switched to ayurveda. One thing which I noticed it most of the allopathic medicines only suppress the symptoms of disease. The damage persists in the system forever and only thing is you don’t feel it exists, and side effects of those medicines come free of cost. Ayurveda on the other hand not only does cure the symptoms but finds the root cause of the problem and heels the damage permanently. Ayurveda is medicine not only for the body but also to mind and soul. Good decision you have made choosing ayurveda. Good write up.

  4. Abhiram

    Nice article, It is need of hour to emphasize traditional knowledge. Can’t wait to see more articles coming from Dr.Soumya’s Desk..

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