Akhyana - A Tale of Ayurveda

[AKHYANA007]: A story of ayurveda by Dr. Sri nagesh
05 February 2020

[AKHYANA007]: A story of ayurveda by Dr. Sri nagesh

The story extends for 17 years. It’s head is in 1996 and tail extends to 2013!!
I feel it is very tender age to choose our profession being just 17 years old. Perhaps this problem is encountered by every youngster. After completing PUC, when all our classmates were busy in choosing different courses to join, I felt I should also make a choice and move on. Being least informed about Ayurveda, I joined BAMS in the year 1996. Every subject seemed new and interesting. I had a confidence that, when so many people can do it, why can’t i?
Now, looking back towards that time, I feel amazed and feel frightened about how time can play its role!!
Padartha vijnana is one among the subjects which is very new to any student who comes from a background of studying Physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. Unless the student is oriented towards philosophy, it becomes challenging to digest the principles of padartha vijnana. And we cannot expect the student to be so being in such a tender age.
Now, being the Head of the Department of Samhita, Samskrita and Siddhanta at prestigious Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, Bengaluru, I can understand the mind set of newly admitted students placing myself in their shoes, while explaining Padartha vijnana.
Well!! The story isn’t about my BAMS, nor about the college I am currently working in. I feel that I am going to explain a principle of Padartha vijnana taking myself as an example. It is about the time, which can do anything!!
Padartha vijnana was a tough subject for me to comprehend and was feeling really difficult to explain or write. I couldn’t realise the importance of studying that subject till I joined my post-graduation. My teacher wasn’t even a graduate of Ayurveda. That makes the subject more challenging. There was a viva-voce exam as well for the subject along with two theory papers.
At the end of first year, during the Viva-voce exam, there were two external examiners came from different colleges. Both looked horrifying for me when they were shouting aloud while asking questions. They were making fun of those students who were not answering. That made me more scared as I wasn’t very confident about my performance in the subject.
When I entered the viva hall, both of them stared at me as if they had concluded that I am not going to answer anything. Despite their initial questions being direct and polite, I was so scared that I was unable to answer anything. That made them irritated and they started insulting me. One of the examiner screamed, “Why should a useless person like you come to Ayurveda anyways??!!”
The moment made me cry from inside, not just about my performance, it was about the way I was treated with.
I didn’t deserve it.
We would not be knowing the calibre of any person in one instance. We shall not insult anyone no matter what ….i felt.
Down the line, I completed my BAMS and then completed my Post-graduation in Samhita in 2007, joined Sri Sri, and started teaching the same subject, Padartha vijnana.
As we accumulate the experience, we start getting higher opportunities and responsibilities, I also got to go to different colleges as external examiner.
The institution and the department perhaps made me little ‘known’ and ‘identifiable’ person across the state. My institution has provided me everything I needed.
It is rightly said by our ancestors that we must focus on our karma, and let it take its own course of time to act. The ‘time’ is a factor, no one can escape from. It can make a ‘padartha vijnana fearing’ student to a teacher of padartha vijnana.
Well!! The Lesson about the magnitude of time doesn’t end here.
Back in the year 2013, I got an opportunity to go as an external examiner of Padartha vijnana to an age old institution in Karnataka. My co-examiner happened to be a very senior and polite human being. He was introducing me to every faculty who were coming across the corridor.
I could see a familiar face in the corridor, coming towards us….. Yes!! ….He was my examiner!!! I could clearly identify the person who had screamed at me!!!….by the way, I could remember his words as well. He was the faculty in that college.
“He is Dr.Sri Nagesh from Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, Bengaluru, came here as an external examiner for Padartha vijnana”, my co-examiner introduced me to that person.
“Oh Dr. Sri Nagesh!!!!, I have heard a lot about you sir!!, people like you should come to Ayurveda!!, it will be useful for the science!!!!”

Kaalo hi naama bhagavan!!!!

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    1. jishnu babu

      Well narrated the shift of fear to passion by a dedicated mind …and nicely depicted the karma through out your words….! It’s a storyline of true successor in his carrier.!. Interesting..!

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