Akhyana - A Tale of Ayurveda

[AKHYANA009]: A story of ayurveda by Dr.Manasa M.
08 February 2020

[AKHYANA009]: A story of ayurveda by Dr.Manasa M.

The dawn drove ahead through its casual way and it was the beginning of the day for which I was waiting ever since my pen marked the last answer of the common entrance test. Yes indeed it was the day on which the results were to be announced. As everyone’s common tale my mind too was indulged in being a part of Medical Science and I wanted to be a Doctor. The awaited result was out and made me disappointed because I knew the fact that I would miss an MBBS Seat since there was a lack of 500 ranks to the last cut off!
At home it was all fine but somewhere at the corner, the dilemma of what next was ringing in our minds. Having been from Oxford and Bishop I had seen enough of the upgraded Trignometry, Quadratic equations and the series of programming involving Q basic , Java and other applications at the school level. Realizing it was never my cup of tea I choose to be a Doctor to learn about life, biological processes and for the passion of rendering service to the society. Yes I had to fulfil my wish and got myself ready to surf upon the life sciences.
As time passed I was near one of the close angle of my laptop and was having many running thoughts on searching information about the medical field. Alas ! A link for a website popped up on the screen and read “Ayurveda – The Elixir of life.” Myself at that moment was a person who did not even knew that a course for Traditional System was in practice. With this very information from the web I ran to my parents and informed them that I will be choosing this field for myself. Although they were in a confusion at the beginning I managed myself to get a seat from the entrance ranking in the esteemed institute named “SRI SRI College Of Ayurvedic Science And Research.”
That was my last day of confusion and was really happy to be a part of the course. Although my admission was late due to the official counselling and allotment of seat I could make myself reach on the 7th day of class which had previously begun.
I entered the class and found a seat cozy for myself and carefully listened to what was already going on. Terms which were never heard before were in a line one after the other. They started with Vata, Pitta, Kapha, went behind Panchamahaabhoota and settled in Shareera, Alas ! which was meant to be body I Understood. Consoling myself that it was the first day I sat patiently for the next class, which went ahead with Maheshwara Sootras , I was thinking that it was something more difficult than the Palindrome sequence. Then being half drowsy for the first day only I sat with more patience and then came the terms “ Agni and Dhooma; Pilu and Pittara; Kshanabangura, Hetvabasa ….yes it was Padartha Vijnana which took me into a completely different world , the final class of the day was Rachana shareera were the concept of nervous system was being dealt, this gave me confidence that there was something which I already know and its being thought.
As the bell rang I reached home and discussed with my parents that I choose the Road not taken, and it is not biological science but a section of unknown terminologies. That I would not be able to continue since I did not even have a Sanskrit background. Then came around suggestions of what next but somewhere a force had its strength to pull me each day to the college and my parents too encouraged to attend the classes as it would not be the same in the coming days.
Then gradually days passed were I learnt this Traditional system and its basic concepts. We enjoyed the dissection classes, learnt about the organs in reality , understood the physiological process and yes could link it to Prakriti and Panchamahabhoota, we had fun on knowing about the Satva , Atma and each distinct constitution of body. Further studying the varied aspects of Ashtanga Hridaya , I realized that I was in my right place and I am studying what I desired of. It was not simply the biological process but a subtle science which is even more deeper than the physiology or histology.
We did good at class,sometimes and got scolding’s too for the activities we carried out amidst friends. Yes indeed I was one among last bench markers and used to be an outstanding student which actually meant to stand outside the class, a common punishment on reaching late. Not being discouraged on that I used to pull my two companions out and we had fun in learning about the bones at the anatomy hall in those bunked classes.
Then we enjoyed the world of herbs and played with Binomial names. We used to eat fruits on the way to herbal garden and enjoyed every moment of the day. On the other side it was, underlying core of minerals and cooking procedures which actually were the practical classes of Rasa Shastra and Bhaishjya Kalpana. On the go there were classes were we enjoyed the study of toxins , serpents and visualized autopsies. As every day passed classes on Samhita gave insight into every unique concept practiced those days and till today.
The Classes on lab procedures , Diagnostic techniques, Case studies , Running behind patients in hospital, discussing constitution of body with the name of Prakriti , fun with Nadi pareeksha , checking out caesareans, handling babies, learning Samskaras and lively concepts made me happy for every moment of the day.
There was another subject with one of the theme being Ashtanga Yoga, practising them in classes with friends and teachers, learning kriya and being a part of every seminar was pacifying every desire of the day.
As years passed we were already in final year and grew up to be mature. Classes on Surgical Practice thought us to be precise and perfect. Co relating the diseases and diagnosing them in hand turned out to be very informative.
All those exam times brings a smile on our face when imagined now. It was not a study by an individual but discussion and interaction with friends made every subject easier on its go. Every viva turned out to be a nightmare but could manage ourselves to speak up an answer either correct or wrong, at last to successfully complete the study on the Jeeva shastra.
Now I stand as a Vaidya amidst the society which I had really dreamt off.
A philosophical study, A Unique method of practice , A Traditional pathway to follow and an Interesting area to dwell within, is my world of Ayurveda – Truly the elixir for life…
It was the “Road not taken destined to reach my wonderland”

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  1. Manasa Manjunath

    After your sincere efforts, facing struggles atlast you reached your destination, this is your first step, you have many more steps to achieve your dreams, may lord vishnu give you all strength througout your professional life.

  2. Arathy. B

    I wish you all the very best in your journey ahead. God bless you my child. What is meant to be will always make its way!!

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