09 February 2020

AKHYANA0010 – A story of Ayurveda by Dr. Savitha

Life is a beautiful journey. So the science to live the life correctly is beautiful, is not it?
Yes … it is also a beautiful…. studying Ayurveda is a blessing and I am blessed with it. Ayur
means life and Veda means Science or knowledge. This word is self-explanatory.
I still remember my first day of Ayurveda college. Entering in age old building, new friends,
new labs, new topics, everything was new to me. Coming from a metro city, a shy type girl
and never travelled alone in the heart of city and it will be day-to-day life for next 5 and half
years. I had no option left as since my childhood I decided to become a doctor. I was not
aware about Ayurveda till I took admission for the course. It used to take 2 hours to reach to
college by public transport bus. I still remember first year’s first lecture was of Sanskrit
language or Padarth Vidnyan taught in Sanskrit. I was surprised to know that this syllabus
was in full Sanskrit and then translated to Marathi or Hindi. My first interest, Sanskrit will
surely took me to the other end of this course. I was loving it and as expected i started taking
deep interest in it. Subjects were easy for me as many of them were in Sanskrit. When there is
a will there is a way and ofcourse strength also comes ahead. Main challenging subject was
anatomy and surface anatomy. I felt that I will not even enter in the lab but I entered.
After two classes in hesitation while cutting the body, saw many friends vomiting and
becoming restless, I was very strong. I was amazed with myself. The girl who was not even
tolerating smoke smell or strong smell of kerosene now standing in front of body dipped in
formalin, wearing gloves and cutting with scalp. To be very honest I never expected such
type of change in me. The reason was very clear, I wanted to be a doctor. With this
commitment to myself I knew whatever challenges I would face I am going to tackle them
and come over them. I remember I was first girl in my batch who cut brachial plexus
carefully and explained every nerve and blood vessel. At this present moment it is bringing
me a smile at my own victory. Due to this blog I am able to cherish my memory at the of age
17 or 18 years.

For me many things were rocket science that time during many classes but I used to note
down all points to relate later. Till my last year of graduation I kept my 1st year notes because
many times I used to get confused with words and referring those old notes used to be very
useful to understand the topic.
Sharir kriya said VATA PITTA KAPHA are basics of health and VATA is most important.
It understood completely, when I started doing my practice. After starting pure ayurvedic
practice I made a statement “EVERYTHING IN BODY IS DUE TO VATA DANCE”. So
whether to make it good dance or tandava, it is in your hand”. Understanding tridosha, sapta
dhatu, agni, tri mala, kriya, indriya, and their vishayas are imp to understand any disorder
present on this earth and this definition is told by Acharya Sushruta thousand years ago. It
might sound exaggeration but then just check tridosha and basic five elements connection
you will get all your answers. Tridoshas are very basic principles of the nature after five
Like this step by step I started exploring ayurveda. I faced many issues while treating the
patients. Whenever I used to stuck in the treatment, I went back to tridosha (their basic
characteristic i.e. gunas), panch mahabhuta and start from that scratch. Treatment used to be
surely beneficial for them. Meanwhile I was required to take a break from practice, but when
I resumed took a little break from Ayurvedic treatments for some reason, but after resuming
my practice I realised that all pure definitions from ayurveda helped me to gain confidence to
practice. I did not even realised that I had time gap. This is real beauty of ayurveda. Ayurveda
talks about nature’s laws so they do not change with time.
Ayurveda is a Complete Health Science. Though the world may call it as Indian Science and
few may say outdated but I feel
It will remain true forever. During my practise I always experience how thoughtfully it is
described considering smallest part of our routine. Ayurveda takes care all stages of human
life starting from an unborn child, child, pregnancy, female issues, geriatrics , surgery issues,
and mental disorders as well. And most important Ayurveda takes care of aging process
called as RASAYANA chikitsa for everything. Practitioner just needs to think as per
Ayurveda definitions and all health issues will be easy to sort out.

I would like to add, my life would not have be happy, content and fulfilling if I would not
have explored Ayurveda for sure. I regretted when I lost MBBS Admission for 3 marks but
Many people say Ayurveda has future, but I always feel that there is no need to worry for its
future, but a thoughtful move towards how we can apply this well described ancient
knowledge for our benefit.
Thank you.
Happy Practicing Ayurveda

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