10 February 2020

AKHYANA0011- A story of Ayurveda by Pranathi gudluru

Ayurveda – A Trail by Chance

‘For men may come and men may go but I go on forever ‘, said Alfred Tennyson in his poem THE BROOK.
I was studying grade nine when I had this poem in English poetry. I had no idea about what the poem means. I kept telling myself ready for another big one to memorise. After coming to Ayurveda which made me glimpse the whole poem once again. Here I am getting to understand the functions and importance of Ayurveda.
I cannot say that I did not want to become a doctor of modern medicine. I did. In fact, I did not have any opinion about Ayurveda as a separate course at that time even though one of my grandfathers was one among them. My decision to become an Ayurvedic doctor was a mere chance rather than to say a choice. The choice I wouldn’t have made if I would have got a seat in modern medicine.
Ayurveda is ancient medicine. Yes, it is…!! As said for men may come and men may go but I go on forever. here Ayurveda is compared to ‘The Brook’, where any number of us may come into this world and move out but this science goes on forever passed to generations and generations by each and every single human. not only the Ayurvedic doctors. This happens because my grandmother gave me her form of ginger cut into pieces with some sort of taste in it which is amazingly delicious I laid on my bed crying for stomach ache which now has become the most important ingredient in gastrointestinal problems as ‘SHUNTI’. So here goes another woman who has no knowledge about the science but yes she had a cure for the gastric problems in her own way…
In the same way, our parents, grandparents each and every single elder warn us before we do something terrible about not doing that which I now looked at the ‘Dinacharya’ chapter in the ‘Ashtanga Hrudayam’ wrote by Vagbhata.
As I am now studying the second year of BAMS I do know only some methods of not even about 0.5 per cent of total Ayurveda I now do want to learn it and create another complete view about this ancient medicine in the present-day world with a whole different meaning.
I thought perusing this course is my chance but no I believe perusing this course is my destiny.

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