11 February 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 6, part 2- good food healthy life.

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful response I am receiving for this series of articles on Kshemakutuhalam. This article I am wititng today has been a real surprise for me, as some new concepts have emerged out of it with respect to cooking methods of commonly used dishes. Let us have a look at it one by one.

1. Unique method of Cooking rice- one must first wash the rice (preferably which is an year old and which is unhusked. Old rice according to ayurveda is because it is light for digestion) with plain water. This washed rice must be soaked in buttermilk, and then put to the vessel which has boiling water in it. Boil the rice thoroughly till well cooked. It is optional to add ghee and milk to the rice which is being boiled. Once, rice has turned soft, we must drain out the excess water. The rice which is thus cooked has good colour and fragrance.

2. Benefits of cooked rice– rice which is cooked by the above method improves the Digestive capacity ( stimulates Agni), is nourishing for all dhatus (tissues of the body), is light for digestion. Interestingly, last phrase tells us that, only people who have been blessed by Lord Shiva get to consume rice which is cooked in this method.

Other grains too can be cooked in such a method. But the qualities of those cooked grains will be as per their qualities.

3. Preperations of soups– Appetizer like soups are very much emphasized in Ayurveda. Particularly green gram soup is advised. Green gram which is told as mudga in Ayurveda is boiled, ground with curds, and then added with salt and spices according to the need. Ingredients which give fragrance to the dish like camphor can be added as per taste too.

Soup which is prepared out of green gram is light for tummy, decreases pitta and kapha and is very wholesome, is good for eyes and can be had every day without any bad effects.

Apart from this, green gram or black gram which is boiled and added with rock salt and asafoetida will be better in conditions of bloated abdomen and digestion issues.

There are many more dishes likewise which possess some amazing properties and are easy in preparing. They will be dealt in the coming articles.

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