18 February 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 6, part 3 – good food, healthy life.

The chapter which is the most extensive among all in Kshemakutuhalam is chapter 6.. it puts forth many important topics discussion. So continuing with it, let’s have a quick look ….

1. Ghee and it’s properties– ghee which is popularly known as clarified butter has been gaining it’s much needed importance in the recent years. Ghee can be prepared by bolin milk using cow dung cakes (as fuel), this milk is made into curd with cream, this curd is churned into butter and buttermilk, this butter is boiled and made into ghee… This is the traditional method of making ghee and is superior to the ghee made directly from milk.

Ghee rejuvenates, increases the taste of food, increases the lifespan by nourishing the tissues, decreases pitta and vata and is also a destroyer of sins and poverty. In next few versus, the author has described qualities of ghee from various sources of milk.

Ghee derived from cow’s milk is considered to be the best and also is helpful in increasing the appetite, decreasing or balancing all three doshas, promotes growth, and turns sweet after digestion (vipaaka).

Ghee derived from Buffalo’s milk decreases vata in specific, promotes growth, is good for reproductive/sexual health as it increases virility and is good for eyes.

Ghee derived from goat’s milk is very light for digestion, gives strength, improves eyesight and improves digestion. It is good for people suffering from breathing difficulty and cough. Infact it is told to be more beneficial from cow’s ghee (this is some new point of view, as, cow’s milk products are considered best by almost all classical textbooks of Ayurveda).

The next line is very special. It tells us about the importance of food and the person having it. It tells that if “Anna” ( food in general) is Brahma, the essence of food is Vishnu and the person who consumes it is maheshwara (Lord Shiva). Further it is quoted that, if person who eats the food keeps remembering Lord Narayana while having it, then all the ill-effects of food, if any, fades away and the food becomes conducive for health.

Always remember to seek blessings of lord Hanuman before starting a meal. This may destroy the Ill effects of an evil eye.

A king (or any person who is having a meal) must always consume the first five morsels of food in silence as respect to the five types of vata. These five types of vata are known as vital energies of the body, hence require to be maintained. And apart from silence, due concentration on what we are consuming is necessary. This part of giving attention to the food being eaten, is missing, as, majority of us are distracted by something or the other. If your using ur mobile phone to read this article and having ur meal alongside, this isn’t recommended. 😁

Well, lots to contemplate from this chapter, but let’s sign off for now and see you all in the next article.

Stay tuned!!!! Happy time!!!!!

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