Excess Hair Fall - reasons and solution by ayurveda
19 February 2020

Excess hair fall – reasons and solutions

Hair fall is one of the most frequently heard cosmetic concern today… Irrespective of the age… So today let us try to know the reasons behind it and some simple solutions for the same.

Some of the reasons behind sudden, excess hair fall may be,

1. Use of hard-water for hairwash– it’s rare to find good water specially in major cities of India these days, as the water quality studies across varies parts of India have shown scary results. This can be because of presence of excess salts and also because of unwanted microbes in it. The presence of calcium, magnesium and other elements in the water might lead to excess drying of hair along with hair loss. So, avoiding it can reduce the problem to a certain extent.

2. Due to nutritional problems– lack of protien and iron may be a major unnoticed cause of hair loss in many…. Hence getting checked by a medical professional for the same is required. If the damage to hair bulk is due to iron deficiency…. Remember start consuming meals cooked in iron vessels (this can bring about good increase in iron levels without much efforts), consume wholesome food which is Rich in dry fruits and fresh fruits, if the deficiency is too much, consume supplements after consulting your doctor. Another important tip is, having vitamin c rich food along with iron supplements may enhance uptake of iron into your system.

On the other hand, hair strands are made up of protien and hence, if you are deficient in protiens, hair growth is reduced and damage is more seen. So consume adequate amount of protien in your diet.

3. Hair loss and stress– physical and specially mental stress can have a very bad effect on hair health. The stress hormones trigger hair loss due to numerous reasons. Mainly due to hair follicles going into “resting” phase. This can be combated by doing relaxation techniques like yoga, pranayama, counselling etc….

4. Use of various hair styling products – long term use of hair styling products can cause severe damage to the hair strands resulting in excess hair fall. Any product which has a alcohol content and which possess ingredients like polyethylene glycol, may make you hair brittle, thereby causing excess hair fall if not washed off properly. So, better go for water-based hair products or anything which is alcohol free.

5. Other underlying conditions– some medical conditions which can lead to hair loss are, hormonal imbalances, ageing, hypothyroidism etc…. in such conditions, it’s better to get that particular condition treated first before starting to pamper your hairs…..

These are just a few examples of hair loss. Normally hair fall per day can be from 50-100 depending on the age and other factors. But exceeding this needs some intervention and care.

Also, hereditory causes may affect hair health too… But anything can seldom be done about the strong family influences on hair….

This was a brief information which are very basic on factors affecting hair growth…

Stay tuned!!!!

Happy time ….

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