24 February 2020

5 ways of living a sustainable life… That doesn’t cost you much either

It so happened that recently I met my friend in a hotel, who was having a fruit juice…. Obviously I was so excited to meet her after a long time.. just as we were chit chatting, I noticed that she was having her juice with a “straw”….. I asked her, was that really required ? For which she was quick in replying, “come on, just one doesn’t make a difference”… Now, what do you have to think about it. Can u imagine if a million people say “just one”, all those million straws end up in a landfill or in an ocean, suffocating marine animals… So, I thought of writing on it to help create awareness. These simple thoughts are easy to follow, infact all of us are aware of it. But I strongly believe that reminder might help people change.

1. Reduce, reuse and recycle– This mantra might seem a little outdated. But believe me, it can create a positive difference. Every substance we buy, has a certain environmental footprint. Right from the ingredients it requires, it’s manufacturing procedures, it’s packaging, it’s shipping, it’s recyclability/biodegradability etc… So, before purchasing anything let’s give a thought as to “do we really require this for my survival”…. Going minimalistic is a trend, which is bringing positive changes to urself and the planet. Try to reduce purchasing new things, try to reuse things in a useful way or put your old things for a recycle.

2. Start your own terrace garden- Spending some time with plants refreshed you and makes you feel happy. Likewise, please start your own terrace garden, grow small plants which can purify your air in the house. Spending a couple of hours every week on gardening can help you grow your own organic veggies, fruits etc … (Which can have both health benefits and can also curb the global food crisis).

3. Use less water and electricity– rain water harvesting is the most dependable solution to reduce the water crisis. It’s a one time investment which can solve you water problems for a lifetime. Some other solutions can be,

– use water from a bucket instead of having bath in a tub or in a shower. Both these options use a lot of water which are clearly not required.

– get ur leaking taps/toilets/pipes etc repaired as soon as possible to reduce unnecessary loss of water.

– switch off the lights, fans and other electrical equipments before leaving you office/home. It doesn’t take much of ur time, believe me, it just takes a second.

– why not use the water which gets wasted for your RO water purifier for washing car/washing dishes or for any other better purpose instead of getting it go down your sink..

4. Walk or cycle or car pool to ur nearby destinations/office – please check the pollution you cause for your comfort. Car pooling or cycling to office is fun, healthy and economical at the same time. Why don’t we make this small change today ?

5. Travel wise – this is a big shout out to all the people who travel a lot…. Please travel wise. We often hear/see the amount of pollution rare tourist destinations are suffering from. Let’s all educate ourselves people. All people who are highly literate aren’t educated about simple things in life. Here are simple techniques of making your travel sustainable and responsible …

– it’s better to carry your own water bottles and refill it wherever possible. This way we can stop the single use plastic bottles in dirtying our beautiful places.

– Ever wondered why use single use paper cups/plastic tumblers/ plastic straws or any other cutlery when you can carry your own for coffee/other beverages…. Steel straws and reusable mugs are very much available these days… And to be honest it doesn’t consume a lot of space in your bags.

Thus was just a tip of whatever I wanted to share . There are many more like avoiding red meat, avoiding chemicals for dish and cloth washing in our homes etc…

Whatever I just told is not something we don’t know … Just that it requires some constant reminder to come out of our comfort zone and actually make some difference out there. After all we have no idea what the world is heading towards outside our cocoons.

Happy time !!!!

Stay tuned !!!!!

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