27 February 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 6 part 4- good food, healthy life.

In the last article we had been discussing about the qualities of ghee from various milks. Today, let us move further into the chapter.

Ideal appetizer recipes

1. Pappadams – are indeed used almost by all Indian households as appetisers.. specially people who have low appetite and wants to improve digestion, these come to their rescue to a great extent. These pappadams must be made of green gram, cumin seeds, asafoetida, refined natron salt(sarjika lavana in ayurveda), and black pepper (according to the condition). But here again, author stresses on these being best when roasted on fire, rather than deep frying. Because pappadams which are roasted dry will be light for digestion and will improve appetite.

2. Patola as an appetizer – patola is one useful drug used in many conditions in Ayurveda. It is also used as a vegetable in various communities. It belongs to cucumber family and is said to be a very good appetizer.

Patola fruit is cut into halves and cooked dry. It is then fried in ghee along with asafoetida and salt. This when consumed will help improve appetite. It is also good for the heart conditions, and also cures cough, fever, haemorrhoid and worm infestations.

3. Ginger – having wet ginger (fresh ginger) mixed with salt is a very good hunger stimulator.

Procedure and praises of ginger as an appetizer – wet ginger must be peeled to remove the skin, washed well with running water, and must be crushed and consumed with salt and little lemon juice. This preparation is said to be consumed and liked by Lord Shiva (a Hindu God).

Another method of consuming ginger can be combining with lemon juice, rock salt, oil, turmeric and mustard seeds ( they intend us to fry it may be). This kind of appetizer us best for winter months especially ( considering it’s hot potency).

The goodness of wet ginger is told in abundance here in this context. It is aphrodisiac, light for digestion and good for the heart, apart from being a good Digestive.

3. Karchari – karchari in medieval India was a kind of appetizer which was made of spices mixed with salt and tamarind. This makes the appetizer sour and salty. Exact method of preperations though is not mentioned, we can take it as tamarind , smashed and mixed with salt and anything pungent.

This is said to improve digestion, imparts strength , but increases pitta and is a potent laxative.

The above were some of the vegetarian recipes for increasing the digestion. In the coming article let’s discuss on non-vegetarian recipes as appetizers.

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