03 March 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 6, part 5- Good food, healthy life.

The last article was a very interesting one, with mouth watering appetizer recipes, which are vegetarian and the importance of using an appetizer everyday was told. Today let’s discuss about a couple of appetizers and other dishes which are healthy in both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories.

1. Taahadi – boneless meat is mixed with veshavara (non -vegetarian soup kind of preperations). This mixture is cooked with unhusked rice and again cooked with ghee, salt and wet ginger. This adds to the digestion and also adds flavor to the dish. It is nutritious and is good for increasing the semen.

2. Krusharaa – twelve parts of unbroken rice ( which is shashtika shaali), is mixed with eight parts of green gram. This is cooked. Then added with ginger, turmeric, salt and asafoetida. This is something resembling the modern day khichadi (which is told to be a excellent detox). This is good for your tummy, is nutritious and is best for winter months. It increases the quantity of faeces and helps lower vata.

3. Appetizer made of radish – very thin root of the plant is taken, mixed with salt and squeezed to get the extract. This liquid extract is added with lemon and salt. If required can add seasoning of asafoetida. This is very light for digestion and improves appetite.

In the same context, the author mentions the qualities of different varieties and parts of radish.

4. Hareesa – this is a recipe which I’m sure many would relish. Here, a boneless piece of meat is taken, smeared with wheat paste along with spices and then fired in ghee till cooked. Exact spices aren’t mentioned. It can be of one’s choice. This is told to provide strength, is very sweet, helps bowel movements and is very good for the heart health.

I’m sure here, all of us have learnt some mouth-watering dishes which are simple yet beneficial to all. However in between some clarifications are not very clearly stated like, which meat to be taken exactly, which spices to be selected etc … But may be the decision can be left to the descreetion of the cook.

The next article would deal with the methods with which meat can be cooked along with it’s properties….

Happy time…

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