09 March 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 6 part 6- good food, healthy life.

So, little bit of gap and here I’m back again with the next part of chapter six of this wonderful book called Kshemakutuhalam. In this article, let us learn different methods of cooking meat with their properties.

1. Procedures of cooking meat – deep frying in ghee, shallow frying in ghee, boiling in excess liquid, cooking dry (dry roast), cooking directly in fire (tandoor), cooking meat underground, grinding the meat and then cooking it in various ways etc are some of the methods of cooking which imparts different properties to the meat we consume.

2. Washing of meat – fresh meat is taken, cut into thick or thin pieces, then it is washed thoroughly with water which contains coriander powder and then washed with water which has asafoetida.

3. After washing the meat well, it is cooked in water which has asafoetida in it. This may be to avoid indigestion (as meat in general is heavy for the gut).

4. In other methods, meat can be cooked in oils or ghee. When Cooked with oil, recipe becomes heavy for digestion, hot in potency and increases pitta. On the contrary if cooked in ghee, it becomes light for digestion, appetizing, and does not aggravate/increase pitta.

5. “Veshavara” is combination of dry ginger, cumin seeds, asafoetida and black pepper. Meat can be boiled in water which contains a combination of these spices (called veshavara). This prevents one from turning gaseous….

Further, the author tells that, meat must be cooked in such an interesting way, that even neighbours appetite is stimulated…. In other words, meat smells good when cooked well with appropriate spices.

For adding further flavour, one can add buttermilk or pomogranate juice to meat when it is half cooked. (Though here, the quantity of juice is not mentioned, it must considered as sprinkles which is sufficient to cook).

6. Qualities of various goat and sheep – generally, it is better to cook goat meat in sesame oil. Since, the body tissues have similar qualities as that to human tissues, goat meat is considered to be the best of all meats.

Meat of lamb is cooked in ghee, is spiced with asafoetida, cardamom, cloves and black pepper. But one must remember that, meat of lamb is generally good for heart, tasty and gives good strength.

Female goat which has not given birth yet, can be fried in mustard oil, added spices, such a meat is good for sinusitis, dry cough, gives strength and stimulates digestion.

The description which is subtle, elaborate and specific continues in the chapter…. It gets nothing but interesting and can change the way we adopt cooking methods for good….

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