27 March 2020

What has the novel corona virus actually taught us ????

What has the novel corona virus actually taught us?

I have always believed that, everything that happens is always for a reason…. Ayurveda also stresses on the law of karma (what we sow is what we reap). Don’t you think the same applies to world as well ???? When our own karma hits back, it is hard to undergo the same things we had made nature suffer with !!!! So, what do u think is the take home message with this whole episode of novel corona virus outbreak ?

1. Nature is always mightier than any species on earth – how much ever intelligent or stronger we are, we are helpless when nature decides to stand against us. So let’s accept that and bow down to the nature and the most powerful almighty…. It’s high time we realise that we and our religions, economics, speed are subtle when it comes to death and pandemics… so let’s be gentle to nature and mother earth. Abuse to any other biological creatures won’t work anymore.

2. Slowing down a bit is needed – would anyone be willing to stay at home if not it was made a compulsion ? We have been so fast in our everyday targets and professions that often we fail to realise that family, health and home are also important…. We fail to realise that nature too needs some rest. Our water, our air, our oceans, our forests and fellow living beings also need some rest and relaxed time ….. this earth afterall belongs to all of them not only to human beings.. on this note, it made me wonder as to why don’t we practice this shutdown/lockdown/sleep mode atleast once a year across the world ???? It helps nature heal itself from our atrocities and helps us to understand ourselves and our family better ….

3. Earth isn’t dependent on human beings but we are – ever wondered what would happen if human beings seize to exist ???? Or if humans would get extinct (exactly like we are doing to many species) ? Absolutely nothing… Nothing would change in this world…. Infact the world would flourish better…. But even if one species of insect like a honey bee would disappear from this world, entire planet in due course would disappear too. Having said that, we need to realise the damage we have been doing to the mother earth.

4. The best time to unleash your hobbies and do something productive – why not turn back to some long forgotten hobbies and make this time productive? Gardening, playing some sports, doing some art/crafts, teaching our children some cultures and traditions, instilling some nice creativities in our children. May be something else like working out and carrying out fitness programs, eating healthy etc… ? This is the best time to do anything in your bucketlist … Why don’t we fulfil things which were otherwise impossible to even think of ?

Having said that, let’s reflect a little in our “me” times now. We have been hearing from our elders since time immemorial, that, everything that happens does happen for a reason… So, in this time of crisis and disturbances let’s take some positive lessons and let the earth heal itself…

” Sarve janaah sukhino bhavantu, sarve santhu niramaya ”

Happy time … Stay tuned !!!!!

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