05 April 2020

Harmful chemical ingredients of cleaning agents and natural alternatives

Our lifestyle has undergone a lot of revolution in the past few decades …. In relation to may be food, personal care products, home cleaning products etc etc…., There has been a drastic shift these days… One smell example is about the cleansing products for floor, sinks, restrooms etc … We generally don’t tend to check it’s ingredients before buying, may be go more with the brand name and the more shine it gives it gives to our home…. But let us see some of the ingredients used in it.

1. Hydrochloric acid – it’s highly corrosive and being an acid it helps removes stains very effectively. But little did we know that its toxic fumes are highly irritant to the respiratory tract. On a long run may cause several other health hazards.

2. SLS – sodium lauryl sulphate, which is a commonly used as a lathering agent in personal care products like toothpaste, shampoo etc, has many harmful effects on the our health, even more than the benefits.

3. Sodium hypochlorite – popularly known as liquid bleech, it is laso known for its anti-bacterial properties. But little did we know that it can cause severe ocular and dermal allergies when exposed for constant periods to it.

The list goes on without end. So, finally, what do u think we can do to it ? Here is a quick alternative… The best combination which can act as anti-microbial and gives a fresh look to our floors are vinegar and lemon… owing to its sour properties, it can keep our floors disinfected without worries of dangerous allergies and side effects… we can add some essential oils too when hot water is used for floor cleaning. This can again give a fresh feeling to your floors.

Let’s start bursting myths that chemicals are best. We don’t need artificial substances to maintain our homes and self. Nature has given us enough options which are sufficient for our survival….

Stya tuned and happy time !!!!!

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