08 April 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 6, part 9- good food, healthy life.

Well, here i am back again with some interesting recipes which are mouth-watering and at the same time maintains your doshas, thereby maintaining health. In the last article we had read about various broth, about fried meat etc… in this chapter there are many other interesting concepts.

1. The section starts with the cooking of liver. The author says that adequate use of ghee must be done to cook it. He says that we must add, curds, sanindhava salt, hing and cardomom when almost done. Here, extra spices which are mentioned are black pepper and fresh ginger. He says that,on adding these spices, it gets dry, but the qualities are nector-like.

2. Tanduram – next comes the section of the most favourite, tandoor. Here, the meat is smeared with necessary spices and condiments and then suspended above a pit which contains hot charcoal…. This way it slowly gets cooked and is almost similar to the way it is performed today… The chamber is preferably closed to allow the meat to get cooked well from all sides …. Author tells that this preperation is very healthy, soft and improves the taste. Here, the choice of spices can be of one’s choice…

3. Putapaaka – in this method of cooking meat, we must take some smashed meat, mix it with veshavara ( preperation of veshavara is described in previous articles) and then cover it with leaves to form a ball. Later this must be covered with a layer of mud/flour paste…. Then it is cooked in a pit … These forms of meat preperations can be done in various shapes eg- resembling mango, laddoo shaped etc..

4. Meat which is smashed and given various shapes according to our creativity can be steamed and then freid in ghee. Later these meat balls must be dipped in a mixture of buttermilk, veshavara type of spice and cardamom.

In this manner, various combinations of broths and meat preperations can be made according to our taste. These recipes mainly is very satiating and is good for the increasing semen.

We certainly can note one thing that, recipes mentioned here may be so different from the ones which are prepared in the present times….. Many more interesting recipes like meat idli, ksheeramruta etc to be mentioned in the coming articles…

Stay tuned !!!!

Happy time ….

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