09 April 2020

Superfoods – for everyday use – an Ayurvedic concept.

Ayurveda has always been vocal about the prevention aspect of health before curing of a disease. No wonder, prevention is better than cure. In the same direction, Ayurveda has listed some food articles which are to be consumed everyday in order to maintain good health. I would like to list them out with an attempt to mention their possible benefits in the present article..

1. Shashtika shaali – it is a type of rice which is typically grown in sixty days, hence the name. Officially recognised as (oryza sativa). It is known for its properties like, being light for digestion, nourishing, imparts strength and also mitigates all three doshas. Along with the above uses, it is proven to be high in dietary fibers and polysaccharides. It also contains some essential amino acids, this being a complete healthy food.

2. Mudga – (moong) it is light for digestion, better preferred than other daal. It is high in protein and fibre content and low in glycemic index as well.

3. Sanindhava lavana – this is the most popular salt in Ayurveda and is the best among any salt. It is said to possess many trace elements too. It keeps all three doshas in balanced state.

4. Amalaki – the Indian gooseberry is one superfood which is known for its property of mitigating all three doshas. It is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Researches show it has anti-diabetic and anti-cancerous properties too.

5. Yava – generally known as barley, this is helpful in various conditions including renal calculi and diabetes mellitus too. It is rich in dietary fiber and micro-nutrients.

6. Aantariksha – is nothing but a term used for rain-water. It is told to be pure, light for digestion and is tasteless but good for all doshas.

7. Paya – Go-ksheera i.e. cow’s milk is the complete as evryone knows. It is rich in calcium and various vitamins and minerals. According to ayurveda too it is a great rasayana. It is good for bone health.

8. Sarpi – ghee from cow’s milk has a lot of good properties and is well discussed and researched upon these days. It Is a very good rasayana and delays the ageing process. Most of our body tissues require fat and hence is beneficial to include it in daily diet. It is a rich source of omega fatty acids too.

9. Jaangala – this is a variety of meat of animals which are in arid regions i.e. grossly in dry areas. Mainly because they are not as heavy as other animals for digestion.

10. Madhu – Importance of honey is endless. It has too many properties and goodness to be mentioned briefly. It is rich in flavanols and is having high anti-oxidant properties. It also helps in controlling weight owing to its ruksha guna…

So, let’s start as many as possible in the list given above., Afterall, health is the best gift u can give urself…

Stay tuned… Happy time !!!!

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