17 April 2020

Caution : An insight on how air conditioning can effect your body!!!!

Summer is around and as the temperature sours above tolerance levels we usually tend to switch on our ACs and have a comfortable night’s sleep…. Even worse some people are exposed to centralised ACs in work environments. But have we stopped for a second to realise how it might affect our health ? Here are some commonly occuring problems which can be encountered by people who use ACs for a longer duration everyday…

1. Can exaggerate skin issues – yes, u heard it right. People who are generally prone to skin problems like dry skin can experience even worse dryness in their skin texture. For people specially who have problems like dandruff, psoriasis, eczema etc may face exaggerbation more often. So, make sure u apply little amount of healthy skin moisturisers like coconut oil, home-made body butters or any that suits your body type.

2. Can increase respiratory problems– prolonged exposure to air conditioning can cause upper respiratory issues which can range anywhere from pharyngitis, nasal dryness, dry throat and cough with throat irritations and most importantly running nose and regular episodes of rhinitis. This can manifest in the form of too many sneezes early in the morning which might resolve as day progresses. I cannot forget to mention how it can increase the breathing issues in already diagnosed asthamatic patients. Preventing such hazards can be with simple measure like gargling everyday with warm water, drinking the most famous golden milk (hot milk with turmeric), sipping hot water every now and then etc..

3. Dry eyes – very long durations of exposure to AC can cause dry eyes specially when u keep gazing at your screens and often reduce your frequency of blinking. This can manifest in the form of pain in the eyes, lack of tear film and dryness etc… Prevention is by blinking eye frequently without fail and using eye drops as suggested by an ophthalmologist.

Most Importantly, people who are exposed to conditioned air temperature and humidity may find it extremely difficult to adjust to changing temperatures outside the comfort zone i.e. AC. Hot weathers can make them difficult to live.

Though AC seem to be comfortable and to a certain extent protects you from outside pollution and dust, it comes with its own set of disadvantages … So next time let’s be considerate about its usage next time. By the way, let’s try to agree that natural is always the best when man-made is man-made.

Stay tuned !!! Happy time !!!!!

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