17 April 2020

Water – basic considerations for its consumption ..

Water has been a basic element for all beings. It is estimated by various researches that human body is made up of more than 60% of water. Isn’t it surprising that earth is also covered with almost the same amount of water bodies including big and small ones ??? Logic says that there is nothing to get surprised about it. Ayurveda has told about the loka purusha samya (the theory which states that human body is miniature of the universe) centuries ago and this ultimate truth holds good till today. So, what are simple tips to be followed for maintaining perfect health with water ???

1. Ayurveda quotes a simple rule for keeping the weight within a normal range. Science says that, if water is taken at the beginning of food i.e. just before starting your food, it causes weight loss on a longer run. Whereas when taken after finishing your food it helps in weight gain. In rare cases intake of water after food may cause obesity as well. The most interesting point is, when water is taken in between the food, in sips, it maintains your weight.

2. Quantity of water – many people are literally confused as to what is the required quantity of water to be taken everyday. There are various versions about it as well. It’s always sensible not to believe all opinions. Your body is the better judge for anything. This is because, the body mass index is different in different people and hence the requirement for water also is the same. Hence, it is better to go by the “urge” you have to consume water. Your likes and dislikes are somewhere as per your body needs. Never neglect your urges at any cost. Never feel that drinking “too much” water is always good for everyone at every season/weather condition.

3. The best water to be consumed according to ayurveda is the rain water. It is told to be possessing the best qualities, pure and has properties of alleviating all three doshas. But the challenge is being able to consume the it nowadays … Thanks to the pollution, acid rains etc…

4. Benefits of consuming hot water – It would always be better to go for boiled water. Drinking boiled hot water would be best for digestion. It reduces vata dosha and helps reduce gas troubles. Drinking hot water in sips helps in reducing various digestion related problems and gut issues.

These are very few basic considerations of water consumption. These tips are very simple to be followed, doesn’t require much efforts but has immense health benefits.

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