19 April 2020

Magical herbs with great health benefits for your home garden…

It’s lockdown time and many of you may be wondering how to spend time productively at home… Here is a suggestion which u can easily indulge urself into and is also quiet useful. Let me tell you few herbs which cam be grown in your home garden/terrace garden and which have enormous health advantages…

1. Pudina – known as Mentha piperita botanically, it is easy to grow in your backyard, yet has some amazing health benefits…it can be grown even in a small pot and then later can be replaced into a bigger pot or ground. It is a good source of fibre, vitamin A, iron, manganese and folate. It is described as “putiha” in ayurveda and has been explained by some later texts. Pudina is undoubtedly a rescue herb for summers.

2. Aloe vera – known as Aloe barbadensis botanically, it is again a easy to grow plant for beginners. Requires less attention too. Can be grown even in a small plant at any place. It is one of the prominent sources of vital vitamins, folic acids and enzymes. It is called as “kumari” in ayurveda text books and can be used in many health conditions both internally and externally. Internally it can used for better gut health, specially in conditions like GERD (gastro esophageal reflux). Externally it can used as a great herb to improve skin health, to remove dandruff and other issues like dry skin, to set right wrinkles and other ageing related problems.

3. Tulasi – also known as Ocimum sanctum, botanically, is another herb which is commonly found to be grown in almost every hindu household in the Indian subcontinent. Also, this is known to everyone for its enormous health benefits. It is generally rich in Vitamin A, D and C. It is also a good source of calcium, iron, cobalamin, magnesium and potassium, majorly. It is of two varieties – shri tulasi and krishna tulasi and both have their unique benefits. Apart from its nutritive value, tulasi is also known to be anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial and hence, a must use in daily life. Commonly it is called as the holy basil.

There are many more herbs which cam be grown at home in your terrace and has health benefits. Eg- coriander, wheatgrass etc.

So let’s make this period of staying at home, productive and to learn a new skill which can help in improving our healths too.

Stay tuned!!!!!

Happy time !!!

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