21 April 2020


Being locked inside home for weeks – well, very few of us have had such fantasies. But the international crisis of Covid-19 is compelling people around the world to stay within their home without venturing outside. Spending the whole time indoors without much of social interaction is enough to give a jolt to mental health and sanity. If you are suddenly feeling irritated, sad, depressed and frustrated with your life – well, there are 90% chances that it is happening due to the lockdown. Our modern lifestyle requires going out, socializing and getting our work done. We did not evolve to survive in isolation which the lockdown has brought upon us. So, it is pretty natural to feel a little groggy and nauseated at times. You’re supposed to feel this way.
However, feeling weird and helpless is natural in such times, we agree. But there is absolutely no reason to do nothing and fuel the degradation of mental wellbeing. A peaceful and contend mind is always superior to anything and everything. Especially in times like these: when there is time, one must look within themselves, introspect for happiness and serenity. A handful of measures can do wonders to recalibrate your emotional balance to make you feel better. This is also the time to pursue your non-pursued or under pursued hobbies! The following may be some of the important tasks to be undertaken during this time.

1. Reading books: What if you cannot go out, your mind obviously can. Good pieces of fiction and positive literature can do a great job in calming your mind. They allow you to transcend the monotony of your situation by taking you to engrossing world of the characters.

2. Hobbies: With plenty of time for ourselves, we can finally do whatever that we want. The quarantine period can be a great excuse to brush-up the old hobbies; be it music, dancing, cooking or any other hobbies for the matter of fact. And in case you can’t find any; well, it’s never too late to start new things. As they say, better late than never.

3. Giving up on social media: You heard it right. It is absolutely important to reduce/control social media usage as much as possible. This can be a bit ludicrous, especially when all of our social interaction is reduced to the virtual space. But this platform is enough to trigger feelings of sorrow and despair. The trending topics are always regarding the virus and how people are feeling bored in the lockdown. Such information holds us back in the negative sphere. Thus digital detox is needed. Watch this in Kannada

4. Spiritual connection: Meditation and yoga as well as light exercise is extremely beneficial to release stress from the body. They allow the troubled mind to calm down and explore positivity.
For the wellbeing of mental health it is absolutely necessary to keep a track of the people and things you’re interacting with. Any kind of negative reinforcement, for example, negative news, movies, music, pictures – in short, anything that advocates negativity must go. It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing to remain less informed or are beguiled by false truths. At such times, all that should matter is personal wellbeing. If something works for you, it is good enough. Nothing is more important than mental wellbeing.

Dr. Sharad Kulkarni
BAMS, M.S., (Ph. D.)
Consultant Surgeon (Ayurveda) | Best Selling Author | Vlogger
Chanakya Awardee | Influencer | Health Coach
CMO and Director – Jeevottama Health, Bengaluru

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