23 April 2020


”Where the attention goes, energy flows and results show” – Harv Eker

If the energy flows towards negative thinking then eventually negativity increases, blame game and complaining increases. If the energy is used to be optimistic then positivity increases. As simple as it is! At present the world is struggling with one of the biggest threat of survival. Coronavirus has already affected almost all countries infecting more than a million people worldwide. Most of us are forced to lock ourselves indoors for days and weeks in order to control the spread of the disease. It is quite natural that the isolation affects our mental health.  In such times it is very easy to be consumed by negative thoughts. It is important to practice not being affected by negative emotions. Because negativity only brings sadness and stress and leads to long-term consequences. Under such circumstances it is more important than ever to remain positive. It is only optimism that can give the necessary hope to get through tough times.

After all, human beings are social creatures. The monotony of daily routine and absence of social interaction is driving people to the verge of mental breakdown. Now, remaining positive all the time is not an easy task. The Human Mind is prone to driving towards fears and negative thoughts. However, a trained mind is not affected by such disturbances.  By being better aware about our thoughts we can keep the negativity at bay. Practicing meditation often proves to be of help. It provides deeper understanding of our thoughts and helps us to change it.

Common saying goes, “faith can move mountains”. Spiritual faith increases tolerance to negative situations of pain, sorrow and suffering. It is considered to be effective when faced with fear and inhibitions. The awareness about the positive forces of the world encourages a person to connect with their Chakras – promoting positive energy from within.  

It is a wonder how handful changes in thinking pattern can bring several changes.  Each time a negative thought is encountered, it must be supplemented by a positive one. Frequent practice of this action trains the mind to remain positive without wandering towards the pessimistic thoughts and fears. Gradually the mind habituates with optimistic thoughts and help one see their life and surroundings to be more positive and welcoming rather than dark and unacceptable. After all, mental and emotional wellbeing advocates and sound physical functioning.

A positive mind is always powerful. When there is no negative energy pulling back on one’s mind they can achieve more than ever – it is reflected on the body as well. Ideally functioning mind gives way to strong, resilient body; proteins and vitamins are better absorbed, bodily enzymes and hormones flow adequately to promoting better protection against foreign elements such as virus and bacteria.

All of this begins with simple practices of affirmation. Intonation of positive statements proves of great help; to begin with, intonations like, “I never give up”, “I accept what I cannot change”, “I focus on the positive”, “I have control over my thoughts, feelings and choices”. It helps to assert self-confidence and acceptability. It is important to remember that tough times and negativity are momentary – nothing but the challenges of time. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

”Positive affirmations train the successful minds” – Dr. Sharad Kulkarni


Dr. Sharad Kulkarni
BAMS, M.S., (Ph. D.)
Consultant Surgeon (Ayurveda) | Best Selling Author | Vlogger
Chanakya Awardee | Influencer | Health Coach
CMO and Director – Jeevottama Health, Bengaluru

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