Ayurvedic Netra Vyayamam - Eye Exercises

Article by Dr. Sudha kanchi
03 May 2020

Ayurvedic Netra Vyayamam – Eye Exercises

It is alarming to see the increasing number of children wearing power glasses these days. Technology is meant to help us and simplify our lives, but too many inventions have affected the health of the children and made them lazy. If you have kids, you know how much time they spend watching television, scouring the internet on a computer, playing games on mobile phones, and reading on digital tablets. Spending too much time on these gadgets can be hazardous to their body, and especially affect their eyesight. Young children and adolescents have become more prone to eyesight-related problems.At present situation due to  covid 19 lockdown, most of the people are doing work-from home, may also end-up with eye related problems. However, this growing problem can be curbed by timely measures and precautions. Ayurvedic Eye exercises with Ayurvedic Netra kalpa Treatments one can protect their eyes
Ayurvedic eye exercises help adults too who are working most of hours in front of computers.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Netra Vyayama – eye exercises

  1. Clear vision
  2. Provides good nourishment to eyes
  3. Corrects Myopia and astigmatism
  4. Corrects squint
  5. Slows down cataract development
  6. Slows down presbyopia
  7. Eyes become Beautiful and healthy

Steps of eye exercises to be practiced for maximum Benefits.. 

  1. Triphala kashaya eye wash: by, by blinking eyes for 25 times into kashtaundefined
  2. Rasanjana eye drops: instilled into the eyes
  3. Sunning eye exercise : by sitting in front of sunlight early morning and swinging neck sideways for 25 counts  by doing so, circulation to the eyes increasesundefined
  4. Palming Eye exercise : by rubbing palms and placing on the eyes for a period of 50 seconds by breathing deeply. See below how to do it.undefined
  5. Ball eye exercise : eye movement both horizontal and vertical through ball catch, gives exercise to all muscles of the eyes. See below.undefined
  6. Bar Eye exercise : Looking through bars of the window or bar stand helps to move the eye muscles slowly by increasing circulation. See Below.undefinedundefined
  7. Candle eye exercise : popularly candle light eye exercise is named as Trataka in yoga and Ayurveda, helps to attain sharp vision, makes the eyes beauty and increases concentrationundefined
  8. Instilling of cold eye pack : use cotton pad dipped in cold water or rose water and put on closed eyes for a period of 60 seconds. See below.undefined
  9. Light steaming the face :By face steamer with closed eyesundefined
  10. Instilling soothing eye drops in the end 

Dr. Sudha Kanchi

Disclaimer – this article is extracted from – http://www.saptashwa.com/social with the due permission and credits to the author

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