04 May 2020


The Coronavirus has taken the whole world by storm and consequently people are receiving so much information about the virus. Most of it comes from social media. Here lies serious problems. Most of the information spreading around people’s mouth are false and have no credibility whatsoever. Most of these pseudo-facts spread confusion as well as fear. It is necessary to separate the truth from the lie. They only feed into fear. Find few myths below. Let us protect near and dear ones.

Myth #1: Alcohol can build immunity and help you fight the virus.
Fact: Alcohol mostly dehydrates the body. It has no immune properties. Drinking alcohol can potentially worsen the condition instead of helping.
Tip: Organic elements such as Tulsi, Turmeric, Garlic can work as natural detoxifier and immunity booster.

Myth #2: The novel Coronavirus cannot live in hot and humid climates.
Fact: According to WHO there is no visible evidence of the virus dying in hot climates. Until now, the virus has affected both hot and cold climates. It is equally capable in all regions.
Tip: It is recommended to avoid both extreme weather conditions to retain permissible body temperature.

Myth #3: Mosquitoes can spread COVID-19.
Fact: The World Health Organization reports that no animal or insects can spread COVID-19. It is only transmitted by contact.
Tip: However, mosquitoes still spread Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya. So, precautionary measures must be taken about those as well.

Myth #4: Hand dryers can kill the virus. Fact: As mentioned earlier, heat has no effect on the virus. So, it is clearly a myth. One must clean their hands regularly with soap and water.
Tip: Although, drying hands instead of wiping it after a hand wash can be better. There are less chances of contracting the virus.

Myth #5: Antibiotic medicines can build immunity against Coronavirus.
Fact: Antibiotics can only kill bacteria. Since this is a virus, there is no antibiotic to help.
Tip: Do not consume medicine without doctors’ supervision. There can be adverse effects.

Myth #6: Vaccines will protect against the virus.
Fact: Since this is a new virus, there are no vaccines. The common influenza virus vaccine won’t be effective in case of the Novel Coronavirus.
Tip: WHO recommends vaccination against respiratory illness to reduce the effects of COVID-19.

So, take home message, please stay away from rumours and let’s get our facts right at this time of crisis.

Dr. Sharad Kulkarni
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