09 May 2020

Psoriasis – How Ayurveda helps in skin conditions with the best of it’s products …

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Any skin issue or pathology involving skin poses a major cause of concern due to its chronic nature most of the times, due to trouble or symptoms it causes and most importantly due to the social stigma when it involves the whole skin and the exposed area.

Ayurveda has been clinically proven successful in mitigating varieties of skin conditions including the most chronic and disturbing ones like psoriasis, dermatitis etc. So, here is a small case report on an amazing product with special Ayurveda herbs which helped in controlling these conditions effectively.

Case report – A fourty six year old female, who was of Indian nationality had complaints of peeling of skin with terrible itching all over the body except face since fifteen years … Yes, you read it right. It had been almost one and half decades since the patient was diagnosed as having psoriasis. She had been taking allopathic medicine and would be feel reduction of symptoms for a certain period. But it would relapse almost every three months once. She wanted to try out other stream if treatments like the holistic models. The digestion (Agni/metabolism) of the patient was found to be good throughout.

Ayurvedic view on psoriasis – psoriasis is very chronic in nature. Chances of relapse being very high. Ayurveda considers psoriasis under a condition called kushta. “Kushta” is a broad term used in Ayurveda for many types of skin diseases. All these kushtas are mostly caused due to the involvement of all three doshas, thus making it very complex for treatment as well. Hence, long term treatments are needed.

Centre where medical care was given – Agastya ayurveda hospital, Mysore, Karnataka.

Doctor’ name – Dr. Harikrishna. Email – hkrishna2289@gmail.com Contact details – 9980814343

Intervention given – Patient was advised Nithya virechana with Virechana with haritaki churna, 5 gm at bad time with hot water for one week. Along with this orally, Tab. Sora d nil was advised, in the dosage of 2 tablets, two times a day, for 3 months with water. When the patient came to follow up after three months, there was significant improvement and the lesions had reduced. Itching was almost gone.

Before treatment
After treatment

Follow up – After three months of treatment with sora d nil, the conditon improved. Only very mild lesions in some parts of the body were remaining. When patient appeared for follow up, another one month treatment was advised and patient was asked to come back if lesions started again.

About sora d nil – it is formulation which is established after vigorous clinical research. The ingredients of sora d nil are, kalamegha, mamajaka, nimba, aragwadha etc which are known to have good effect on skin lesions.

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