23 May 2020

AYURVEDA – and prevention of Diabetes !!!!

Non-communicable disorders have been a major health concern across the globe. Owing to our unhealthy lifestyle, bad food habits, sedentary jobs, stress, constant change in sleep patterns/lack of sleep etc, it is observed that Diabetes mellitus and other lifestyle conditions like hypertension, hormonal issues, high cholesterol levels, cardio-vascular disorders and many more have increased in incidence. Ayurveda has been taking lead in this scenario in mitigating lifestyle related diseases. Herbal wisdom of Ayurveda has been proving itself successful in preventing complicated condition of Diabetes mellitus.

Now ask yourself these following questions –
1. Is anyone in your family suffering from Diabetes mellitus?
2. Have your job been very sedentary for many years now?
3. Have your sleep pattern been very erratic for many years now?
4. Did u have lack of sleep for any reasons for many years?
5. Have your food habits been very wrong which included high refined sugar, high fat, processed food, junk food etc all these years?
6. Did you have a lot of mental stress and tensions for many years?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then I think you need to stop for a moment and give a serious thought about investing some time on your health because you may be at risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus very early in life. But no need to panic. Just follow right lifestyle including some good diet, sleep and exercise; topped with some Ayurveda herbs.

Diabetes prevention is basically about following four important factors – regularising Food, regular exercise, regularising sleep and reducing stress. Additionally if you have a strong family history of diabetes following regular detox procedures.

Food – avoid binge eating and frequent snacking habits. Avoid anything made of refined flour and heavily processed food. Have a specific time for food intake. Better don’t have more than 2-3 meal times per day. Avoid high sugary and fat food.

Sleep – have a good night sleep for atleast 7-8 hours depending on your body type. Don’t have changing sleep patterns like eg – working in day and night shifts alternatively. Avoid having regular less sleeps. And at the same time see that you never have day sleep specially soon after lunch.

Exercise – see that you burn the calories you take. Know the basic rules of exercising as per Ayurveda because amount and type of exercising depends on seasons, weather, body type and health condition too.

Stress – avoid stress. It’s not good for any health issue. Stress like conditions impairs insulin action in the body causing piling up of sugar levels in the blood.

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