30 May 2020

Kshemakutuhalam chapter 8, part 1- good food, healthy life…

This book kshemakutuhalam is a great guide to what, when and how to cook and consume…. All these episodes we have been reading about the meat and fish preperations. And we’ll, it had been an exhaustive account of the same…. It gave deep insights on the right methods, ingredients and corresponding qualities/effect on health…. Proceeding further we move to the eight chapter which is completely dedicated to the prepration of plant products, in other words, vegetarian and vegan preperations.

1. The chapter starts with the classification of various plant products… He says, that edible plant products are six in number. They are, leaf, flower, fruit, stalk, bulb and root. And these six are heavier for digestion in succeeding order. Like as in flower is heavier than leaf; fruit is heavier than flower and so on…..

2. At first author starts with the general cooking methods of all vegetables and then goes to the specific cooking procedure.

Properly washed vegetables must be first of all shallow fried in oil which contains, asafoetida, cumin seeds. Fry till done and then add sour things like mango powder and salt. Later sufficient water must be added to the same to boil it until properly done. Spices can be topped to it of one’s choice.

Moving forward, there is wide description about the customised cooking approaches towards individual vegetables…. Some of them like Vastuka, kakamachi, punarnava etc (which are some herbs used in Ayurveda as well) to be boiled with sour base like tamarind water….. there are other set of vegetables like methi leaves, brinjal, pumpkin etc without using tamarind/sour stuff.

3. Any vegetable that is hard, dry, astringent and bitter must be first boiled in water and then in buttermilk. When thus, the vegetable gets soft, it can be put in hot oil and cook as per the required taste.

Later the author starts with the individual varieties of vegetables and their customised cooking methods. The chapter gives a very detailed account all the commonly used plant based food and their cooking methods….

Stay tuned for some amazing recipes soon !!!! Happy time !!!!

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